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Lei Jun steps down as chairman of another Xiaomi subsidiary

Xiaomi Technology co-founder and CEO Lei Jun has resigned as chairman of the subsidiary, according to a Chinese platform that tracks such changes.

He will step down from Xiaomi Electronics Software, a division of Airstar Digital Technology, an affiliate responsible for consumer finance businesses such as digital payments and wallets.

This is the executive’s second major move in the past six months. He stepped down from Xiaomi Youpin, an e-commerce platform for daily necessities, in April.

Lei Jun steps down as a chairman from another Xiaomi subsidiary

Lin Bin, who was a director of the same entity, will also step down, but some of them will retain their shares in the company. Xiaomi’s public relations department said that this is the normal business of Xiaomi’s subsidiary and aims to simplify its internal management and processes.

Xiaomi CEO is reportedly shifting his interest from mobile technology to electric vehicles. A week ago, Jun himself announced Xiaomi’s ambitious plans for a road car. Now there are 1, 000 people in the R&D department, looking forward to the arrival of the first Xiaomi EV in two years.

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