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Leila Rose Resort 2024

Lyla Rose has one thing, she loves a theme. In the past, she has dug Fruit Stand, Nutcracker and Queen of Hearts for her vibrant and thematically rich work. This season is no exception. Ross was inspired by CS Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia (she’s clearly not alone; Greta Gerwig has been tapped to direct an adaptation of the series Movie). The novel – featuring the White Witch and the heroic lion Aslan – certainly provided plenty of inspiration. You can see this in golden roses used as embroidery, fringed tassels, velvet dresses and suits, and delicate and ethereal eveningwear. The collection is largely geared more towards holiday party lovers than beachside vacationers.

The intricate mirrored pattern, featuring suns, lions, butterflies, and snakes, adds gorgeous drama to holiday parties. Carefree silhouette. In fact, most of the actual clothing is fairly simple: slacks, fitted and flared dresses, A-line gowns. Textiles and ornaments make them dramatic. luxury? Yes. safe? That too.



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