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Lelouch, Suzaku of Code Geass have babies in Genetic Re; Code smartphone game

: Genesic Re;CODE, based on new smartphones The game is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a strange new event on Friday in the Sunrise animation. The story reveals that in the future of ‘s timeline, an evil scientist named Frankenstein used Lelouch’s genes and his old enemy Suzaku to create a A cloned child. He also does it with CC, Kallen and his sister Nunally.

The kids end up in the mobile game’s timeline, with Lelouch and the others still alive. After some initial surprised reactions, the children work with their parents to fight back against Frankenstein and the fate imposed on them.

The names of the children are Elzero (Lelouch x Suzaku), Irene (Lelouch x CC), Elzvi ( Lelouch x Cullen) and Edrie (Lelouch x Nunali) .

Geass RPG brings together Characters from anime projects such as Lelouch, Akito, etc., allowing players to experience various stories of the entire franchise . Its gameplay has both RPG and simulation elements. It features brand new original story scenes from leading writers and Sunrise, as well as numerous original and exclusive illustrations.The staff called the game “the official sequel to the franchise .”

In March, the game started broadcasting ““, the end of the first season of the original animation. The episode is titled “Stage : Kо̄tei to Kishi ” (The Emperor and the Knight).

October game 277 After several delays.

The cast of the game consists of:

    190423 Horie Jun as Al, a boy with no memory

Takada Yuki as the mysterious girl Gigi

Yumiri Hanamori

as Archive, Library Librarian

Animated Sunrise , Ichiro Ouchi , and Goro Taniguchi

Still considered the original story of the game, with Ouchi and Taniguchi serving as executive supervisors.CLAMP Responsible for original character design.Nono Mitsuhira, Ao Jūmonji , Bisui Takahashi and others are drafting the story scenes for each arc. JORO is developing the game, the game The animation sequence in Sunrise.

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