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'Let me have your eyes and I'll give you my bat' –

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The Dodgers stars all laughed as the mic turned on Sunday Night Baseball

2:52AM UTC

“Let me With your eyes, I’ll give you my bat.”

When you give the Dodgers When superstar right fielder Mookie Bates speaks into the microphone, you never know where the conversation is going, but you know it’s going to be fun.

Baseball game between the Dodgers and Padres on ESPN Sunday night in Los Angeles In the middle, Bates finished as well with the mic as before — when the fifth inning was over, he found Juan Soto while jogging and asked Soto his uncanny eyes on the plate.

“I need you to teach me how to fight!” Soto replied with a smile.

If you’re having a hard time believing that Betts needs help with his plate discipline, you’re sure to find out It’s hard to understand Soto’s need for a better look at the dish, even though Soto’s statement is clearly joking.

ESPN’s Karl Ravech, Eduardo Pérez and David Cone chat with Betts in the fifth inning, from The books he’s been reading to how often he hangs out, and the bowling alleys he befriends in Los Angeles — let’s say Mookie and some very well-known companies, he refuses to play one-on-one with NBA star Chris Paul.

There’s also the question of which Dodge needs a fashion makeover the most. Betts opted to “call a friend” during the change and walked to midfield, where he met with teammates Cody Bellinger and Joey Gallo.

“Hey, Bailey,” Bates said. “I was thinking of you. The answer is you. But who on our team has access to a fashion makeover?”
With Bellinger, the consensus of the three outfielders is Chris Taylor. Where is the best singer? The answer is Hanser—Hanser Alberto, ie.

After an extensive interview, Bates spoke to the world about his feelings about Los Angeles. Anyone in LA on Sunday is sure to resonate, especially the last part.

“I absolutely love it here, man,” Bates said. “Aside from this somewhat ridiculous heat wave, this was the best time of my life.”



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