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Let's Call The Endless Meghan Markle Review What It Is

Nothing says the end of summer like a day – A long televised state funeral. With the British monarch laid to rest on Monday, there was little else to do but quietly observe: The proceedings felt calm and appropriate, and the surviving royals managed their perfectly stiff upper lips as they mourned in public.

Of course, everyone on the internet is talking about Meghan Markle, even though Markle quit British public after she and Prince Harry relinquished senior royal duties life, but it appears to be Twitter’s resting state. Meghan attended the funeral perfectly, objectively fulfilling the environmental obligations of any attendee – to dress in black, to be respectful and not to cause scenes. Yet somehow, the Duchess has again been blamed for misconduct. Let me count.

The initial sense of family solidarity was evident as the Welsh and Sussex couple stepped out to meet mourners on the street. Post-traumatic harmony between arguing (allegedly, allegedly) bickering brother and wife, message of family mending differences at a time of loss. However, that sense of calm quickly became an online commotion when Meghan brought her own flowers. During the parade, Meghan’s face was barely recognisable, almost blank, and was accused of smirking disrespectfully. Both Sussex couples were criticised for holding hands as they walked into Westminster Hall. Meghan’s acting has also been criticized, as if the royal family’s public events are not performative in their minds.

I’m sorting through the complaints, To show how ridiculous they were in the plan to bury the monarch, frankly secondary. They feel that they are nothing but a drop in the ocean of national mourning. It’s utterly unhinged to hate a woman holding her husband’s hand at her grandmother’s funeral. Today’s headlines called Meghan a “manipulative bully”.

It’s hard not to see racism and explain meanness to Markle – buzzing, ruthless Persecution – never racial prejudice. Meghan’s behavior was in line with the company’s expectations of her. All the fuss about wedding leotards, she wore leotards throughout the trip. Don’t be too glib in the face of the rampant discrimination movement that is taking shape, but after expressing concerns about the skin color of her children, she has had two light-skinned offspring. What else do these people want? Impossible to see (white) Sophie Wessex holding her (white) husband’s hand at the same event with zero criticism of them. For the record, I think Sophie is great – I just can’t stand the double standard; extra expectation of this biracial couple. Let’s not whitewash black women expressing love and intimacy make people more thoughts uncomfortable. Black Action sees it differently. They are censored.



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