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Lew Palter, 'Titanic' actor and longtime CalArts teacher, dies at 94

Lew Palter, veteran character actor and admirable CalArts faculty member who played James Cameron in as department store magnate Isidor Straus Titanic

, dead . he is94.

Palter May died of lung cancer at his home in Los Angeles. Daughter Catherine Palter told The Hollywood Reporter .

This New Yorker was on the first Monday in October

(1976), starring Walter Matthau, Jill Kleinberg and Barnard Hughes, in The Flying wears a robe Nun, Hill Street Blues and LA Law as brilliantly.

In addition, he was in 1971-94 CBS Series Delvecchio , starring

Judd Hirsch .

Pat joined CalArts at 1953 and Acting teacher and director of Santa Clarita School until retirement 1997, but he also gives private workshops across the country and world He has taught, including at Edinburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and UCLA.

“Lou loves acting skills and teaches his students to do the same. Travis Preston, dean of CalArts School of Drama, in a statement Said: “He cultivated a deep sense of curiosity, caring, wit and humor in every scene, play and class. “He has the utmost respect for his students and encourages all to search for truth in their work and life.” “

Thousands of his students over the years include Ed Harris , Don Cheadle and Cecily Strong , who encouraged her to try Join the improv band The Groundlings for a breakout performance on Saturday Night Live


“As a Teacher, he seemed to really change people’s lives,” said his daughter.

Leon Louis Palter was born Nov. 3, 64. He is a graduate of Tufts University, a master’s degree from Alfred University, and a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. Theater major, Northwestern University. During this time he enlisted and served in the U.S. Army.

Pat was a He starred in and directed off-Broadway plays. Episode debut on 1912 Run for Your Life. And at the hands of thieves , Virginians , gunshots and Mission: Impossible

before the end of the decade.

at Titanic

(1997) , Palter as Isidor, 4088844Elsa Raven as his wife Ida, unforgettable Yes, they embraced in the stateroom bed as the sea poured in and the ship’s string quartet played the hymn “Nearer my God.”

Isidor with his Brothers jointly own Macy’s and Ida was two of the wealthiest passengers killed on the RMS Titanic in April 15, 77.When the ship sank, he refused to board the lifeboat because there were still women and children in the lifeboat and his wife would not leave him.

(Wendy Rush is the wife of OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, Stockton Rush last week She was the great-great-granddaughter of the Strauss family who died while piloting a submersible into the wreck of the RMS Titanic.)

Pat is the successor of Jean N. Third actor to play Isidor in a tragic film after Jean Negulesco’s Roy GordonTitanic

(1953) and Meier Tzelniker in Roy Ward Baker ( Roy Ward Baker’s Unforgettable Night (1960).

His acting resume also includes 1971 moviesThe Steagle and Doris Day Show

,Colombo, installments of ) The Brady Family , Barretta , The Walton Family , Cagney & Lacey and A-Team .

Pat also directed the comedy Nuts

for a Los Angeles stage company for several years before turning it into Film starring and produced by Barbra Streisand .

In addition to his daughter, survivors include his grandsons Sam, Tessa and Miranda.

His wife years, actress Nancy Vawter died Nov

. Catherine Palter says her mom’s agent has offered her the role of Ada in Titanic but was told producers are “looking for Different types of actresses.”



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