Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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LG announces new brand identity

LG has introduced its new corporate logo with a flatter look and a lighter shade of red called LG Active Red. The iconic Life’s Good brand tagline will be used more widely on the brand and product packaging, with a new typeface. LG is looking to reshape its brand identity for a more “dynamic and youthful” look.

New LG logo next to its predecessor New LG logo next to its predecessor The new LG logo is located next to its predecessor

Having a strong, consistent brand strategy allows us to better communicate our value proposition and unique identity, which harmoniously blends innovation and warmth. Implementing a new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers across generations and regions. – William Cho, CEO, LG Electronics

LG also wanted to use an expressive way for its iconic logo on the web Add more expressive actions like winking, smiling and nodding.

We also heard the usual marketing talk about reaching more national and generational consumer groups, including Gen Z.




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