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Li Yiping, co-founder of Dragon Son Productions, passed away

ippei-kuri ippei-kuriippei-kuriippei-kuri Image from Ippei Kururi’s blog Tatsunoko Production revealed on Wednesday that Ippei Kururi (real name Toyoharu Yoshida) is Tatsunoko Production The former CEO and co-founder of passed away on July 1 along with older brothers Tatsuo Yoshida and Kenji Yoshida . The immediate family members held a funeral for Li Li in July he is83. Kuri was born in Kyoto on January 1 1987. In October, he co-founded Tatsunoko Production

with two brothers 1987. He is the youngest of the “Three Yoshida Brothers”. He went from 1987 to 1940 as CEO.

Kuri served as character designer for , , , and . He is the director of , , and . He is the producer of , , , and other programs.

Source: Tatsunoko, Catsuka’s Twitter account 200467


1987 1987



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