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Liaison between business and the Shoutout network, Christian Bouc

Christien Bouc is a social media mogul helping businesses connect popular pages and shout out … [+ ] Advertising exchange and promotion network.

Christian Booker

Instagram is by far the most profitable social media platform. If you want to start a business, increase awareness or grow your personal brand, then Instagram is the platform you must leverage. Every company needs more online traffic, leads and followers. Because of this, many brands turn to the biggest influencers, or better yet, the biggest meme pages to promote their business.

“Instagram is literally free money for businesses…” said Christien Bouc, founder of Bouc, a company that helps influencers People and brands lead trends with cutting-edge marketing agency generation, follower growth and PR. Christien and his agency Bouc, also known as Bouc Media, have been serving clients for over 5 years. More specifically, Bouc Media acts as a liaison between top brands and meme pages shout out networks for promotions. “For years, the meme community has been supporting some of the biggest brands, like Fashion Nova,” Christian said. “Furthermore, the customer acquisition costs of meme page marketing are generally much lower than leveraging top individual influencers like Kim Kardashian.”

Christine Bowker: I started my Marketing Agency in 2017 after purchasing Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency course. At that time, I helped clients with social media management, mainly including content creation, scheduling posts, and setting up retargeting ads. During this time, my clients will ask about Instagram related services and if there is anything I can sell them to help get more followers, traffic and leads. I started researching everything I could about Instagram growth and started developing my first instagram topic page shortly after. Growing the account to 10,000 followers relatively quickly, I started another topic page called @christienvirals and liked and commented on me by leveraging viral content and paying big influencers in my niche post, grew it to over 100,000 followers in 88 days. This will put my content on the Explore page of the followers of the influencer who engage with my posts. I even met my current girlfriend when she saw one of my viral posts on her Explore page, clicked on my profile, and DMed me that I was cute. For me, going viral on that Instagram account was actually the beginning of my business on social media as I started getting a lot of clients online instead of cold calling/arranging face-to-face meetings in my area.

Weimer: How did you become the liaison for the brand and meme page?

Booker: For me, the first step was to create an Instagram themed page and grow it to a lot of followers. I also do my best to network with pages bigger than myself, but most importantly, I keep making new pages and adding to them. At the peak of my web, I had about 1.1 million followers on 14 pages, and I learned about algorithms, how to identify trending content, and how to read data from Instagram analytics to leverage what worked best on a particular page.

I also learned how to create and test high-converting shoutouts, also known as “sets”, which we’ll use for S4S or shoutouts for shoutouts. This eventually led me to a friend online who owned @thecountrystyles at the time, a country page with over a million followers, who invited me to join a Telegram group full of meme page owners. From there, I contacted several people who run the shoutout network, like the owner of the Fortnite shoutout network, and even the owner of the shoutout network of 500k+ meme pages. This is how I managed to be the connector between the meme page and the enterprise. It all started when I learned how to develop topic pages that acted as “in”s and earned the respect of other meme page owners who invited me to join their circles.

Weimer: How can growing topic pages help you grow your personal brand and business?

Bouc: In my opinion, adding topic pages or retweets is definitely the best way to learn about algorithms and organic growth. By posting three to five times a day on an account for a year, you can gain a lot of knowledge about the Instagram algorithm and Instagram growth. But creating content at this type of volume is quite challenging, and impossible for most creators.

That’s why topic pages are the best way to learn about hashtags, viral content, and what’s working on the organic profiling platform. I was able to apply these same tactics to personal brands and businesses, plus paid promotion tactics like shoutouts, paid advertising, etc. to really blow up personal brands and businesses.

Weimer: What sets your agency service apart from the competition?

Bouc: The main difference between Bouc and other agencies is our combined experience helping clients generate targeted Potential customers and segment followers. While we do help clients build quick social proof with celebrity giveaways, I also make it a priority to talk to every client our agency works with, and I listen to each client’s goals so I can recommend the best strategies This happens.

If they are targeting engaged followers, we recommend offering a service to get them, not the most lucrative service. My whole purpose is to be candid with my clients and tell them hard facts about social development. I’m not afraid to drop a sale if the client’s goals don’t match reality. I prefer to under-commit, over-deliver, and create clear expectations. Because of this, I have earned the respect and trust of my clients and many top marketing agencies who not only come to me for advice, but also label and resell our services.

Weimer: What would you say to any individual about brands and businesses that aren’t on Instagram yet?

Bouc: Instagram is the new business card with over 1 billion monthly active users. Your customers are already on Instagram and use it every day. This is what potential buyers will see before purchasing your products and services online. Whether you like the app or not, if you refuse to develop a content strategy to reach more people organically, you’re wasting your money. It’s also more important than ever to combine it with a paid traffic strategy to generate consistent leads, whether the algorithm promotes you organically or not. Why don’t you position yourself on the platform to make as many sales as possible?

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