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Liar Liar Anime Announces English Voice Cast, Premieres July 22

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© 450 Kuzui Haruka/KADOKAWA/ライアー・ライアー Production Committee Crunchyroll announced on Friday that it will start Play the English version of

  • dubbed ) Saturday for by Haruki (not related to
  • manga by
  • Kaneda Ichirenjuro ) light novel series.

    English cast includes:

  • Blake McN Amara as Hiroto 450
  • Taylor Murphy as Sarasa/Rina
  • Monica Pisco as Ichinose Meg McLean

  • Snow White Other voices include Morgan Laurie liar , Danny Chambers , Philip Anarella , Grant Paulson , Jaliza Delgado and
  • Izzy Lane ).

  • Jason Lord is directing the English dub .
  • Zach Bolton is producing.
  • Kieran Flitton is writing the script.
  • Andrew Tipps is the mixer and
  • Ian Emerson is the engineer. liar

    The anime premiered on July 8th on Tokyo MX and Sun TV. Crunchyroll is streaming anime in North America, Central. America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, CIS.

    The story of “Academy × Intellectual Game × Romantic Comedy” takes place on the island of “Academy”, where students battle to determine their ranking. Hiroto Shinohara scored the highest score ever in the school’s entrance exam, the most difficult entrance exam in the country. On the first day of school, he defeated the former queen Saionji Sarosa and became the fastest student ever to join the school’s elite “Seven Stars”.

    He didn’t really make it, though. It’s all a lie. Now, in order to maintain his top ranking, he must fight these school mind games with lies and bravado. He does whatever he can with the help of the lovable “liar maid” Himeji Shirayuki (voiced by Miku Ito in a previous promotional video) and even Saizono Temple (who is actually a fake herself).

    )Series Director) is directing animation at Geek Toys.

  • TOYOTA MOMOKA ( episode script writer) is in charge of the series script.
  • Nakamura Yumi (
  • OVA 2-3 character designer) is designing the character.
  • Yasuya Yuki is the Color Key Artist and Ji Woo Park is the Art Director.
  • Baek Ryun Chae is the technical director and Keisuke Yanagi is the editor.
  • Ryousuke Naya is the Sound Director.
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi and Keiichi Hirokawa from
  • MONACA are making music, and
  • MONACACyberAgent is the music producer. May’n sang the anime’s opening theme song “Lies Goes On”, while idol group SMILE PRINCESS sang the anime’s ending theme song “faky merry game”.
  • Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)liar




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