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Lifeguard Drama Nabs Fox Series Order by John Wells

Fox hitting the waves on the North Shore of Oahu.

Radio Network Straightforward – Series For Rescue: Hi-Surf , a series about a group of heavy water lifeguards in Hawaii. drama. The show is slated to be part of Fox’s 2023-24 lineup from screenwriter Matt Kester ( Animal Kingdom) is executive produced by John Wells who will also direct The first two episodes.

Warner Bros. Television, Wells’ longtime studio home, will produce the series with Fox Entertainment.

Rescue: Hi-Surf brings thrill-seeking style to the North Shore of Hawaii, where lifeguards and surfers It’s a collision of instinctive rescue, great character drama and all-around fun,” said Michael Thorne, president of scripted programming for Fox Entertainment. “This new franchise is a pure waterfront property for Fox, especially with the incredible support of John, Matt and our incredible Warner Bros. partners.”

Wells “Matt and I are thrilled to be partnering with FOX for this exciting opportunity to bring TV audiences attention to the best lifeguards in the world,” said Kester, adding, “I have lived in The North Shore of Oahu, they are our heroes, the greatest extreme athletes in the world.”

Kester will host the series alongside Wells and Erin Jontow of John Wells Productions people and executive producers.

Rescue: Hi-Surf is the second episode of Fox’s next season, joining the hospital series Documentation . The network also updated The Cleaning Lady, Accused and Alert: Missing Persons Unit; two parts 2023‘s plot is still up in the air.

via the 1235366089 network of The Hollywood Reporter Track orders, renewals and cancellations scorecard for all broadcast series .




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