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Like Episode 3: How much did Sima's stolen Birkin cost?

Many consumers are looking for a vintage or second-hand Birkin these days because it’s hard to find a brand-new one—even though it’s apparently not getting cheaper. Sites like 1stDibs, What Goes around Comes around, and Vestiaire Collective have Birkin bags for sale starting at over $15, and above. Given that Sima bought the bags years ago, long before their value skyrocketed to staggering heights, it’s safe to say she didn’t pay anything close to that figure – no wonder she was in “fetal condition” during the robbery . (For example, in the 15 days, a Birkin was only about $4, – still very Expensive!)

The Birkin bag was stolen from “That’s It” and it wasn’t the only time a character in “Sex and Sex” was stolen. However, the city A designer bag from the universe has been stolen. In season three, fans will remember that Carrie’s purple sequined Fendi Baguette bag and Manolo Blahniks were also stolen by muggers in New York. How does this compare to Seema’s missing Birkin? Today, a loaf of sequined baguette is only about $5, – it’s cheaper than Seema’s $000,

Worthless Loss.

Don’t feel too bad for Seema, though. At the end of the episode, Seema finds her Birkin dumped in bushes on the sidewalk and all her belongings taken. She doesn’t care. She secures the bag and joins Carrie for a drink to celebrate. “Here’s to the classy old mugger,” she said, “who took my purse and threw it away!”




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