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Lila Moss and Stella Jones Dress Up Town With Spring's Best Accessories

When Lila Moss and Stella Jones donned statement accessories for the shoot, it didn’t take long to see the two models were inseparable. Between shots, the pair—both

years old and best friends since childhood—spend time brushing each other’s hair, or practicing Jenna O Jenna Ortega’s popular dance is performed on Wednesday . (“We need to shoot TikTok!” Lila yells at Stella.)

Doudou Doll Same, but charmingly different: Moss and Jones relax and try on matching Fendi beanies at the elegantly furnished Barriere Fouquet in New York’s SoHo . Moss wears Loewe miniskirt; Jones wears Lanvin jacket and skirt;


The duo grew up hanging out at each other’s homes in London. “Our parents were friends, so it just happened naturally,” said Lila, daughter of Kate Moss and media entrepreneur Jefferson Harker. Jones’ father is Clash guitarist Mick Jones; her mother is film producer Miranda Davis.

When it comes to style, though, Lila favors sleek, understated tones, while Stella leans towards bright colors and prints, especially on the red carpet—whether The Fashion Awards in London is also the Marc Jacobs Holiday Party in New York, where they both now mostly live. “When we’re young, we plan to do anything,” Stella said. “Now we don’t want to be the same,” Moss added, ending her thoughts. That said, they still borrow a lot from each other’s closets. “At the end of the week, I collect everything I take from Lila and haul it back in a bag,” Stella laughs.




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