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Lily-Rose Depp Introduces the Granny Wedge to the Under 30s

This weekend, Lily-Rose Depp stepped out in a pair of cork wedges, which isn’t necessarily news worthy until you take a closer look at the specific style she has chosen to patronize. Unlike the vertiginous, Saint Tropez-coded iterations worn by Amal Clooney and Nicole Peltz Beckham this month, the actor took to the streets of LA in some low-heeled versions that evoked both Scholl and hard-boiled sweets. It was a little less Château de la Messardière, a little more pottering around the garden.

At least part of the allure in a Y2K wedge is that it semaphores a perma-tanned, jet-set glamour. It is the antithesis of the commuter sneaker, designed with the sole purpose of clip-clopping around the French Riviera. But when said wedge is reduced to a sensible low-mule, it becomes all the more controversial. Unlike those beloved by other A-listers, Depp’s shoes looked as though they might have provided some arch support, cushioned like a FitFlop or a Dr Comfort.


For Depp, each outfit is a chance to out-Y2K the previous one. Last week, the actor wore a slip skirt from Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring/summer 1998 collection, sourced from Pechuga Vintage. It was a little more high-voltage than these sturdy wedges, which she wore with a pale-blue crop top and white pajama shorts. Taken as a whole, the look telegraphed a certain “I’m just nipping to the corner shop” attitude. It’s as low-maintenance and laissez-faire as the woven basket bag that dangled from the crook of her elbow.



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