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Lily-Rose Depp's Jocelyn Deserves Better Than 'Idol'

Let’s be honest: Idol sucks. How bad is it you ask? Unfortunately, rumors are swirling that HBO has opted to end the series, created by Sam Levinson, early. (This isn’t actually true.) Also, I don’t know of any member of my euphoria

loving, bad TV-addicted peer group who has successfully overcome this One difficulty. First episode of Idol – except me, but that’s for work.

There is a part I don’t hate idols though which is Lily-Rose Depp as pop star Joe The performance of Sling (single title, à la Cher), a physically perfect but emotionally broken young woman who does her best to revive her career after a public meltdown. Do I love trauma porn of Jocelyn being abused at the hands of her recently deceased mother? Or prefer the equally disturbing sex scene between Jocelyn and her controlling new love, Tedros (Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye)? No. But it’s Depp’s unwavering commitment to making these scenes even remotely viewable, and I think she deserves applause for that.

When I passed the first 4 episodes of Idol, I was struck by the soul that Depp brought to the character, even the script Asking her to give the green light to Troye Sivan’s electrocution (true plot, very non-serious show). The word range also came to my mind in the second episode as Jocelyn tried over and over again to film her new music video, her feet dripping Tears, blood, and obvious cuts to her legs – a startling change from her usual silent demeanor. I have to admit that Jocelyn’s song “World Class Sinner / I’m A Freak” is a “Padam Padam” bop that probably wouldn’t have been written by any other performer. Depp plays the song with the perfect combination of sincerity and camp (example of the lyrics: “If you want to know about me, you better have a bank account”), making this one of the songs I really wanted to pass through when I was researching the song Songs played on headphones. another day.

Does all the praise for Depp’s portrayal of Jocelyn mean I wish Idol lasted longer? The answer will be a resounding “Jesus no” – I don’t like Sam Levinson’s work at all, and no, it’s not because he’s too pushy or is too boundary breaking . (I just don’t think the guy is good at writing TV! And I still don’t forgive him for wasting Barbie Ferrera’s talent on Euphoria.) I do want to see Depp What did go on, though, is that I will semi-miss Jocelyn, one of a long line of female pop stars (fictional and real) who never quite got her due.



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