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Lime-colored Samsung Galaxy S23 is coming to India soon

Samsung’s Galaxy S 23 is currently available in Phantom Black, Green, Lavender and Cream in India. But soon, those shades will be joined by a whole new shade.

It’s lime green (hence “fresh”, get it?). I have seen this in other countries before, and most of them are exclusive to the Internet. It is not clear whether it will be the same when it lands in India. Twist to something (already) epic, coming soon. #ShareTheEpic #Samsung

— Samsung India (@SamsungIndia) May 5,

Speaking of which, there isn’t a single release date to remember and block out in your calendar. All we have is the aforementioned tweet from Samsung India’s official Twitter account, just promoting all the new things that are coming to the country.

Of course, since this is just a new colorway, the specs will remain the same as the other versions, and so should the price. Currently, Samsung is claiming INR 23,23 for S23 , some bank cards will be reduced by 5 Indian rupees, , and there will be upgrade rewards.

If you are interested in the upcoming lime Galaxy S23 and want to get ready for the launch by getting to know the phone better, be sure to check out Our in-depth reviews.




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