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LiSA's 10th Anniversary Documentary Reveals October 18 Release Date in New Trailer

Netflix Trailer for starting

FilmLiSA Another good day, a documentary about the singer LiSA , Tuesday. The trailer shows that the documentary will be released in October on Netflix World premiere .

The documentary will show LiSA

of Last year’s anniversary project. Takeshi Sado is directing this documentary.

LiSA‘s Facebook The page describes the documentary:

This The documentary explores the true face of the popular Japanese singer LiSA who is famous at home and abroad with his theme song and many other hit songs.

Because LiSA has always been humble and indomitable, so she faced various realities and made many mistakes in life. Later, the little girl who formed the band out of her admiration for Avril Lavigne celebrates her as Japan’s leading One of the artists Anniversary . With the help of the team, she has been working on the production of artist “LiSA” and successfully realized her dream of becoming a rock singer. She and her What dream will the team pursue next?

In this documentary, we will follow LiSA‘s The journey through her ups and downs as she enters a new phase represented by her Anniversary Project. We explore what LiSA really looks like as she writes music, performs and strives to make every day a good day.

LiSA in the anime as ‘s story band Girls Dead Monster Singing , and with the album Letters to U spring . Since then, she has performed theme songs for anime such as ,,,,,,,,,,,, and etc.


LiSA sang for The theme song , the seven-episode TV anime version of that movie and . The songs she wrote for these anime broke all kinds of records.

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