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Listen: 20 Songs That Will Make You Feel Grounded and Confident

This time of year, I start to feel like I’m watching the credits roll for the season finale of my black girls drama. Like everyone’s favorite embarrassing protagonist Issa Rae who reflects on her life at the end of every episode Insecure, I often think of me over the past few months my own. Summer is fun, sure, but between running and drinking recklessly down the street with friends until the end of the day, I’m not always proud of the decisions I make, but heck – in any season.

But similar to many of my favorite shows, while dramas loop in and out, there is one thing I’ve always been grateful for: the soundtrack. Whether I’m drowning summer sorrows in the bathtub or chasing them during a midday twerk as I call out new joys, music always helps me re-enact the scene for whatever comes next. As I work to get back to my center, there are a few other things that help me get there.

I work from home but travel a lot and often find myself in New York City and North Carolina. To keep my feet on the ground, I keep my journal close by, maintain a (somewhat) consistent meditation routine, and repeat a few positive affirmations throughout my day (my current goals are: “You deserve happiness today” and “You is being able to make great decisions”). While I’m not a “sticky note in the mirror” type of girl (no shade for those), I think it’s a win-win if I can affirm myself while singing in the shower, so I’ve curated a playlist with this in mind exact purpose.

The following tunes are a selection of songs that have rediscovered my best self. Songs like Gayathri Krishnan’s “444” remind me to breathe and stay in the moment, while Tyla Jane’s “Energy” allows me to practice self-love and walk around in my trendiest granny panties while I clean the kitchen. I ran this playlist from start to finish, and every time I played it, I realized that I was intentionally creating space for myself to heal, grow, and let go of everything that was not working for me. I hope it provides you the same comfort whenever you play this. Scroll down through the songs on Spotify, or keep scrolling for the full track list. enjoy.


    “444” by Gayathri Krishnan “I like me”, ByHaze, Tahj and Dana from upstairs

Ari Lennox “Earth” “Rise”, KadyRoxz

  • “Energy” , Tyla Jane
  • “I forgive myself and release”, Geminelle
    • “Loop” by Inahna

    “Sula (Paperback)” by Jamila Woods

  • “So it is”, Iman Europe and Kaylin Ellis
  • “Inspo”, Bliss Looper
  • “Go Gina” by Sza

      “Higher” by Tems

      “Shine”, By Cleo Soul

    1. “Higher Self”, Liyah Dalani and Maijah
    2. “Stone or Lavender” by Hiatus Kaiyote

    3. “Let it go”, Mallika Vie
    4. “Unplugged”, Oshun”It’s okay”, Lion Babe and Oshun

    5. “One” by Cleo Soul
    6. “One of the changes is you”, Anna Wise and Pink Siifu


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