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Live-Action Candy-Colored Paradox Series Reveals More Cast, Theme Song Artists

Isaku Natsume Live-Action Series Official Site) of
(Ameiro Paradox
) comic reveals more cast and weeks Four theme song artists for the series.

    New actors include: (first line above, from left to right)

Atsuki Kashio as Yan Miyabi, Onoe’s friend who runs a bar Sae Miyazawa as Kaori, an information broker and old friend of Kaburagi

  • Kenta Izuka as Kei Inami, an actor that Onoe and Kaburagi suspect In love
  • Rinne Yoshida

    Suspected relationship with Inami as an actress and former idol (bottom row, left to right in above image) Tomohiro Ichikawa as Jirō Sumida, editor of Onoe magazine DASH!

  • Yu Koyanagi As Taisuke Kiuchi, another DASH! Edited by Ryūichi Ōura as Editor-in-Chief of DASH!

    Billy Laurent will perform the series opening theme “Go” symbol. The claquepot sang the episode’s ending theme song “finder.” FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE member Keito Kimura will play Satoshi Onoue, and M !LK member Kyutaro Yamanaka will co-star as Kaburagi Motoharu.

    The series will Premiere at MBS ‘ Drama Shower programming block in December . Kanagawa TV ,

    Gunma TV , Tochigi TV Station ,

    TV Saitama , and

    Chiba TV

    . In addition, the series will also be broadcast on TVer, MBS
    Dōgaism and GyaO!


    Tomoyuki Furumaya is directing the series and writing the script. Miyako Hatano is also writing the script. The show will have eight episodes.

    from Viz Media boys love Manga imprintSuBLime An English manga is being released which describes the first volume:

    Satoshi Onoe is proud of his excellent writing and ethical reporting in his weekly work. However, when the watch team goes around , he ends up paired with the impolite photographer Kaburagi Motoharu, who only causes trouble. Onoe despises Kaburagi’s casual and unethical reporting methods, and the two often quarrel. But Ogami’s troubles have become more and more sweet with the time spent with Kasagi…

    Viz Media released volume 5 in April and will be held in February Release of the sixth volume .

    On-going comics are available at New Library

    ‘s Dear+ Magazine at

    Then transferred to the publisher’s Cheri+ magazine. Xinshuguan will issue the sixth volume in December 450.

  • Image © “饰₩色パラドックス” Production Committee ・MBS

    Source: Live Action Series Website, Comic Natalie 2009 192233

    192233 191837



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