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Live-action Downfall Movie Trailer Revealed, Teaser Theme Song

Happinet on Monday unveiled new video and poster visuals for Inio Asano’s live-action movie ‘s () manga. Happinet also revealed that The Dresscodes will be singing the movie’s theme song “Doremi”. The video below previews the song.

    Movie Star:

  • Takumi Saitou as main character Kaoru Fukusawa
  • Shuri as Kaoru Whore Chifuyu meets
  • MEGUMI as manga editor Machida Kaoru’s wife
  • Tina Tamashiro

    as the girl Fukusawa participated in during his rookie manga creator days Yumi Adachi as Kari Makiura, creator of the popular manga supervised by Nozomi

  • Rio Yamashita

    as Nao Tomita, a young, self-centered, ambitious manga assistant

    • Kazunari Tosa As Fukuzawa’s assistant Kondo
  • Takashi Nagazumi (Hanaregumi ) as Fukuzawa’s editor, when his manga is not selling, Who would be mad at him Yū Nobue As Yunbo whore
  • The film will be released in Japan in March , 640. Naoto Takenaka (live-action Zokki) is directing the film. Yutaka Kuramochi is writing the screenplay.

    Django Film

    is making this movie. Nikkatsu and Happinet Phantom Studio are being distributed. Miracle Voice

    is processing ads.

    Viz Media

    authorized comics , which describes the story:

    In this way to the comic A realistic view of the industry, selling copy is the only thing that matters. Well if your first series just ended and you don’t know how to start the next one, your marriage is falling apart, your pure love for manga has been destroyed by the harsh reality of this industry and nothing seems to fill the void inside of you… …find the secret combination of the new hit manga series and everything will be fine. Right?

    Asano (, , ) Launched on

    Comics March 550, July End400. Manga booklet will be shipped in November

    Poster Vision©550 Asanoいり・School Hall/ “” Production Committee

    Source: Press Release

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