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Live-Action Jigen Daisuke Film’s Trailer Reveals More Cast

The official Japanese YouTube channel for Amazon Prime Video began streaming a new trailer for , the live-action film based on the character Daisuke Jigen, on Thursday. The trailer reveals the film’s cast.

The trailer also features narration by Akio Ōtsuka, who is the current voice of the character Jigen in the anime.


As previously announced, Tetsuji Tamiyama (third from left in image above) is reprising the role of Daisuke Jigen from the live-action 2014 film. Yōko Maki (fourth from left) plays Jigen’s enemy Adel, an assassin who has lost both a leg and her voice. Kotoka Maki (second from left) plays Oto, a young girl targeted by Adel’s organization. Masatoshi Nagase (fifth from left) plays Takeshi Kawashima, an assassin and right-hand man of Adel who takes pride in his mimicry and disguise abilities. Honami Satō (sixth from left) plays Ruri, Kawashima’s lover. Mitsuko Kusabue (first from left) plays Chiharu Yaguchi, the world’s best gunsmith whose run-down watch repair shop serves as a front for her services.


The film will debut on Amazon Prime Video worldwide on October 13.

The film will tell an original story about the cool, loyal, yet melancholy character from Monkey Punch‘s manga. In the new film’s story, Jigen senses something is off about his trusty Combat Magnum. So, he visits Japan for the first time in years to search for the world’s greatest gunsmith (who happens to run a watch shop).

Yoshimasa Akamatsu (BD ~Akechi Tantei Jimusho, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows) wrote the script, and Hajime Hashimoto (The Detective Is in the Bar franchise, AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo, , Signal) is directing.

Tamayama previously played Jigen in the live-action 2014 film. Tamayama commented that he watched the 2014 anime film , which he said had an edgier, more adult atmosphere than the previous anime projects. He looked forward to incorporating this coolness in the new film.

Sources: Amazon Prime Video Japan’s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie



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