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Live-action Kocchi Muite yo Mukai-kun show reveals leading actor, debuts in July

NTV confirmed ‘s reality show (

by Yōko Nemu

) Monday comics. NTV also revealed that the lead actor of the show Eiji Akaso will play the titular Mukai and the July premiere date. eijiakasoeijiakasoeijiakaso

©Nippon Television Network Corporation visualvisual

The visual below mimics the cover art of the first volume of the manga. eijiakasoeijiakaso

©Nippon Television Network Corporationvisualvisual


© Yōko Nemu, Shodenshavisual Shōgo Kusano and Yoshinori Shigeyama are directing the series, with a script by Mako Watanabe.

manga is about 10-year-old The office worker, Mukai-kun, has been single for many years His girlfriend Miwako still has lingering fears. At work, Mukai-kun begins to notice Nakatani-san, a temporary employee. Sandwiched between the old love that cannot be let go and the new encounter, Mukai-kun started his “finding fault” love game.

Nemu launched the manga magazine in June 2013. Shodensha published the second volume of the manga on Monday. Nemu’s () manga also received a live action TV series Adapted from 2008. Manga in Magazine in 2020 Launched and Shodensha published three edited books. Nemu start () Shogakukan‘s

manga Magazine2008. Shogakukan published the fourth and final volume of the manga in January 2017. Vertical licensed the manga and published the first volume in English . Vertical 于3 月发布了漫画的第四卷也是最后一卷2017。

Source: Live-action drama website, manga Tully





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