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Live-action movie “Yet You're So Sweet” Movie Poster “Special Video”

Kujira Anan live action movie official website) () Comics revealed a new “special video” for Monday’s movie. The video showcases some of the movie’s character behaviors that audiences should avoid doing in the movie theater, including not lying on someone’s lap, not doing a bridal carry, or focusing on the crush’s face instead of the movie superior. (The video is a parody of the “etiquette videos” shown in Japanese theaters, reminding viewers what not to do while watching movies.)

Miu (live-action version, picture on the right) plays the heroine Kisaragi Maaya, and Naniwa Danko is a member of the idol group Kyōhei Takahashi (left) as Senjirashui.

Other cast members include Rihito Itagaki as Sōma Tezuka, Riko as Chika Obara, Yumena Yanai plays Hina, Miu Suzuki plays Momo, and Runa Nakajima plays Miyu Hanasaki.

The film will be released in Japan on March 3rd, 192934. Directed by Takehiko Shinshiro

, written by Haruka Dabei.

Shochiku is releasing this movie. Naniwa Danshi sang the movie’s theme song “Special Kiss”.

Kodansha USA Publishing Manga is licensed and distributed digitally. Company Introduction Manga:

Maaya Kisaragi, , I finally confessed to my crush…but was flatly rejected, and then posted on social media Being laughed at. To make matters worse, the most popular boy in her grade, Chigira-kun, overhears her frustrated moaning about the whole thing. But instead of teasing her, he comforts her…and offers a bizarre solution to ease her heartbreak! Posted by Anan on

Manga Kodansha

‘s magazine, in progress. Kodansha published the manga volume 7 in June . Kodansha USA Publishing will publish the sixth volume in English in October.

Source: Live Movie Official Website, Manga Na Tully




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