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Live-action 'My Broken Mariko Movie' Cut Shows What Happened To Shiino, Makio

Hirako Wakako ‘s live-action movie official website) of The manga kicks off Friday with a new episode of the movie. This video shows Shiino and Makio’s chance encounter after Shiino’s handbag is stolen.

Yen Press released the manga as a deluxe hardcover in November 100. The company’s description of the manga reads:

Shiino is a grumpy office assistant, but when Her friend Mariko dies unexpectedly, and she is determined to unravel the mystery. Depicting the soulful bond between girls, this is a compelling story about sisterhood and romance.

    ) Nagano Mi (upper left corner of the picture) as the protagonist Shiino. Yuki Tanada is directing the film after writing the script with Kosuke Mukai.

    Other cast members include:

Nao (top in the picture above Center) as Mariko Ikagawa, Shiino’s close friend

  • Masataka Kubota (bottom left) as Makio, a man he meets on his travels Young Shiino Omi Toshiori (lower middle) as Mariko’s father Yō Yoshida(bottom right) ) as Kyoko Tamura, the second wife of Mariko’s father

    The film will be released in Japan in September 30, but first in Montreal 25th Fantasia International Film Festival

    July . The film won the Best Screenplay Award (Cavaliers Competition) at the festival.


    published josei
    Japanese manga one Monthly compilation 100. This24 The 1st Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize was awarded to the New Face of Manga 610.

    Source: Live Action Movie Site, Comic Nata Li




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