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Live-Action Night Parade Movie Casts Hiroshi Tamaki as Knecht's Voice

The official website of the live-action movie based on Hikaru Nakamura *) ‘s comedy manga revealed Thursday, Hiroshi Tamaki (live -action ‘s Chiaki) will voice the character Knecht, the mysterious headless leader of Santa’s House.

  • The story is about Miharu Hino, a young man who can’t get into college or a stable job, so he Ended up spending every day at his part-time convenience store job. However, the worthless man somehow managed to get a job through “Black Santa” at a company that delivers horrific gifts to naughty kids. (“Black company” is Japanese slang for an exploitative workplace.)

    The cast includes:

    • Yoshizawa Ryo as Miharu Hino
    • Kanna Hashimoto as Shino Hojo
    • Taishi Nakagawa as Kaiser Tanaka
    • Keisuke Watanabe as Teppei Kohira Jiro Sato as Akira Yoshikawa
    • Yumi Wakazuki As Akai Inho

      Fukuda Yuichi (live-action , , ) is directing and co-writing the movie with Tetsuo Kamata.

      The film will be released in Japan in December 23.

  • Nakamura in Shueisha of in November . Shueisha published the first volume of the manga in December , and published its seventh volume last December. The comic also runs at other venues, including , Digital , , Cinra.net, Line Manga, , etc.

    Nakamura is currently painting comic series, starting with 23. The story follows the daily lives of Jesus Christ and Shakyamuni, who are roommates living in an apartment in Tokyo. A two-volume original animation DVD project produced by A-1 Picture Shipped at2012 and2013, the comic also inspired 600 in an animated film. Since then, the comics have inspired live-action adaptations.

    Nakamura’s previous works include , running from December 23 to July 400. The manga series has crossed volume and inspired two animated television series, a live-action series and a live-action movie. Vertical licensed the manga and released it as a comprehensive volume.

    Nakamura also drew NisiOisin ‘s ) novel. Viz Media Novel released in October

    , which inspired a TV animation. Crunchyroll aired the anime when it aired in Japan, and Funimation Streamed dubbing . The book received a sequel in December 600.

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