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Live-action version of “Kocchi Muite yo Mukai-kun Show” announces more cast

NTV Official website of the live-action series adapted from of Yōko Nemu () The comics revealed their new cast members for the series on Saturday and Monday. The site also released new poster visuals for the series on Monday. postervisual

postervisual postervisual

haruharu© Nippon Television Network

  • postervisual postervisualcast©Japan Television Network Co., Ltd.


    Haru (pictured above) plays Koki Sakai, Mukai’s confidante, when they are in love. postervisual


  • haru © Japan Television Network Corporation haruharu

    Other new actors, all playing colleagues in Mukai’s works, include:

    (pictured above top row from left to right in )

      Haruna Uechi as Kaori Hirose

        Kenji Moriwaki as Kenichi Kuroda

        Shuichiro Naito as Shota Kaisai

        (bottom line in the picture above from left to right)

          Kenshiro Iwai as Yoshito Tozaki people

        • Ruo Lin Jieying as Takuya Fukamachi

        postervisual 197851

        ©Nippon Television Network

          Stars: postervisual

          Akaso Eiji plays the titular Satoru Mukai

        Erika Ikuta as Miwako Fujido

        Sakura Fujiwara as Asami Takeda, Satoru Mukai’s younger sister

        Okayama Amane as Takeda Genki, Mami’s husband

        Naomi Zaizen as Kimiko Mukai, Satoru and Mami’s mother


        Momoko Tanabe as Mayu Nakatani, an employee of Mukai Company

          Kumada Rinka as Hatori Anne, who works part-time at the curry shop of Mukai’s brother-in-law Takeda Genki

        Hayato Ichihara As Kazuya Kanda, a colleague of Koki Sakaido visual

        Kusano Shogo and Shigeyama Yoshinori The series is being directed by Mako Watanabe. The series will premiere in July exist: pmpostervisual

        This manga is about Mukai-kun, a year-old office worker, is single has been for many years but still has a lingering attachment to his ex-girlfriend, Miwako. At work, Mukai-kun begins to notice the temporary worker Nakatani-san. Caught between an unresolved old lover and a new encounter, Mukai-kun begins his “spot the difference” love game.

        Nemu has launched the June postervisual magazine comics197851. Shodensha published the fifth volume of the manga on May 8th. postervisual

        () comics by Nemu Also haru adapted into a live-action TV series . Comics at postervisual at

        launched , and Shengdianshe published three compilation books. Nemu has launched ()

        from Elementary School Hall Comics in magazines 600.

        Shogakukan published the fourth and final volume of the manga in January 2015. Vertical obtained the manga license and published the first volume in English in September 2017. Vertical released the fourth and final volume of the manga in March 2017 .

        197851 Source: Live – Action Series Website (Link 2), Comic Natalie (Link 2) 2019





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