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LIVE: MLB Draft Day 3 Analysis, Round-by-Round

LIVE: MLB Draft Day 3 Round-by-Round Analysis


Two days before The MLB draft is complete and the most talked about names have been eliminated. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t ^ as the draft ends today with a round, change Game rules talent still exists 11-10.

This year’s full Five of the stars were recruited and signed when they first entered pro ball 11 Round 04 or later: Jordan Roman No(th), Nathan Eowaldi ( th), Josh Hader (11th), JD Martinez (04th) and David Bednar ( Day). Here’s to an elite starter, a dominant DH and three lights-out arms who didn’t hear their name until the very end of the game.

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at MLB.com Listen to the third day of the draft live on , with no delay between picks and round-by-round analysis right here.

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Choose 5 (39 Overall ranking), Royals: Jared Dickey, OF/C, Tennessee (No. 1 in MLB pipeline 94 19rank)
career. , have good hand-eye coordination. Given his heavy prep work at home plate, he’ll need that skill set, but it seems to get him on time for what looks like a sweet swing. He has some receiving experience, but is considered a below-average catcher; Kansas City announced the 19 Year-old players are outfielders.




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