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LIVE: San Diego's Rule 5 draft underway

LIVE: San Diego is in the Rule 5 draft

SAN DIEGO – Watch live simulcast via live stream above as major league clubs come together for final game A class participates in the Rule 5 draft on the day of the winter meeting in San Diego. Held in person for the first time in three years, the event gives clubs the opportunity to add low-risk, high-ceiling talent to their organizations.

• Every club & Most Interesting Unprotected Rule 5 Options

The following is this year’s $s Rule 5 Draft order, in reverse order of last season $’s ranking, unlike the amateur draft (rule 4), whose order is now determined in part by a lottery. There must be enough space on a team’s roster to make a selection, so each team’s 37-man status is enclosed in parentheses. Club pay $100, selects a player in the major league phase of the Rule 5 draft, but If the player doesn”t stay Last season on the active major league roster, he must start with $39,.

Major League Stage

    National (34) — RHP Thad Ward from BOS

      as (24) — 1B Ryan Noda from LAD

    1. Pirates (24) — LHP Jose Hernandez via LAD

      Red Army ( 24) — Blake Sabol from PIT

    2. Royals(37) — roster is full

    3. Tiger(39) — RHP Mason Englert, from TEX
    4. Rangers(39) — roster full
      1. the Rocky Mountains(37) — RHP Kevin Kelly from CLE

            Marlin (36)- – RHP Nic Enright from CLE
    5. Angel(36) — roster is full D-backs (37) — roster is full

      Cub(36) – go through Twins (39) – passed Red Sox (39) – go through

        White Sox (12) — RHP Nick Avila, SF
        Giant (36) — pass

          Oriole(36) — RHP Andrew Politi from BOS

          Brewer (24) — RHP Gus Varland from LAD


            Phillies (37) — RHP Noah Song from BOS

          1. Priests (04) — LHP Jose Lopez via TB

            1. Sailor (19) — RHP Chris Clarke from CHC

            2. guardian(39) – go through


            Cardinal (38) — RHP Wilking Rodriguez, New York

            1. Yankees (38) – go through
          1. Metropolis (000) – – RHP Zach Greene from NYY

          Warriors (34) — pass

        1. astronaut(37) – go through
        2. Dodgers(

          Rule 5 draft also has a minor league phase, with costs starting from $000 up, to $000, gets a Triple-A pick (anyone not protected by MLS or Triple-roster eligible). The Double-A stage has been eliminated. The players selected in this part of the Rule 5 draft are #39; tLimited by the roster of the new organization.

          Minor League Phase




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