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LIVE: Watch Rays-Red Sox for free on Apple TV+

August 26, 2022

Tonight’s game between the Rays and Red Sox – two teams fighting for an AL wild card spot – will be broadcast exclusively on Apple TV+. It’s not available on your local cable provider or MLB.TV.

More info on how to access Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ information, visit the Apple Knowledge Base.

Viewing method:

Watch on Apple TV+ without a subscription “Friday Night Baseball”. To access the Friday Night Baseball game on Apple TV+, just follow these steps:

Launch the Apple TV app and select the game directly from there,

From the MLB.TV app, tap the Apple TV+ game to redirect to the Apple TV app (if available),

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need an Apple account to watch free games?

Yes. You need to have an Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the account you use on all Apple devices, including iPhone. Learn how to create a new Apple ID here.

How to on Apple TV+ Log in to watch free games?

Use your Apple ID Log in. Find out how to watch Friday Night Baseball here.

Required to watch free games Enter payment information?

Do not. No payment information is required to watch.

Where can I Watch the game on your device?

here See all the ways to watch Apple TV+.

Where can I countries to watch these games?

on Apple TV+ The game will be available outside the US in the following regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, Japan, South Korea and Mexico.


Design: If you use Many of Apple TV+’s broadcast elements, such as the launch lineup graphics, look familiar and consistent across other Apple products. The clean and simple design aesthetic reflects the company’s classic “SF Pro” typeface.

camera: The broadcast uses a “megalodon” camera, which produces extremely high-resolution footage, in shallower fields. This creates a clear focus on the subject of the shot – a cinematic look that adds to the drama of the moment.

comprehensive Stats: If you’re a baseball and numbers lover, Friday Night Baseball introduces a new feature to keep you entertained throughout the game. The integrated statistics function – displayed inconspicuously in the lower right corner of the screen – presents continuously refreshing probability data pitch by pitch. The metrics in question are constantly changing and are constantly taking into account specific game situations. For example, faced with a 2-1 pitching, what is the probability that a batsman will generate an RBI with 1st, 2nd and one out?

Tune Tracker : Hitters are showing off their taste and connecting with fans, and “Friday Night Baseball” is taking the experience to the next level for viewers at home. When the home batsman hits base for the first time in a game, the Apple Music popup in the lower right identifies his inning song.

New view : The Apple TV+ broadcast is emphasizing having a new, diverse set of voices calling the game. A staff member includes Melanie Newman (game-by-game), Hannah Keiser (analyst) and Brooke Fletcher (reporter), as well as former MLB outfielder Chris Young (analyst). The rest of the staff includes Stephen Nelson (game-by-game) and another former fielder, Hunter Pence (analyst), as well as Katie Nolan (analyst) and Heidi Watney (reporter).



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