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LLWS player Easton Oliverson has chance of full recovery after head injury, dad says

AP Photo/ Gene J. Puska

) Easton Oliverson, a minor league player in the World Series, has a chance to make a full recovery after suffering a serious head injury when he fell from the top bunk in his dorm room.

Jess Oliverson told The Associated Press (h/t ESPN) on Sunday that his 12-year-old son is expected to die on Tuesday Fly back to Utah and stay in the hospital after he got sick.

“There is a chance of a full recovery,” Jess said. “It’s just a question of how long and the treatment he’s going to have. We’re just asking for prayers. Keep praying.”

One nicknamed The “Tank” pitcher and outfielder were injured Monday in Easton’s Santa Clara, Utah’s Snow Canyon. “I’m grateful he’s still alive because I’m almost told he has a 0% chance of surviving, ‘ said Jess. “We feel very lucky.” Snow Canyon is Utah’s first-ever entry into the world of lesser baseball Big Game team, but it was eliminated in a 10-2 loss to Iowa on Sunday. Jayce believes the traumatic week affected the team.

“I’m so sad that this had to happen in the East, it’s a shame. They’ve had a blowout week, “He says. “This is the first time Utah has been here and done it. It’s a big deal, especially in Utah.”

The Oliversons set up a Venmo account for Easton to help with bills and expenses. The family posted an update on his condition via social media. Snow Canyon invited to MLB Minor League Classic Sunday Boston Red Sox and A game between the Baltimore Orioles. “We just wanted to relax and have fun,” Jayce said before the game at MLB League game. “It’s been a crazy week.”



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