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Locarno Film Festival announces lineup for 2023


Locarno International Film Festival announced on Wednesday the complete program of 1980, with dozens of The world premiere of the film was screened at the 15 Swiss Film Festival.

Locarno’s Grand Place main area will host several of the season’s most popular festivals, including the Cannes Palme d’Or winner Autumn’s Anatomy from French director Justine Triet, starring Sandra Hüller; Ken Loach’s latest (and possibly final) ) feature film,

Old Oaks ; Sundance Audience Award winner Shayda , by Zar Amir Ebrahimi, star of “Holy Spider-Man” Starring; Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman’s Comedy Drama Camp , which won the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Other highlights include American horror film Falling Stars from directors Richard Karpala and Gabriel Bienczycki ; Dami from 15′ and White Boy Rick -helmer Yann Demange; and Magnetic Continental , from March of the Penguins filmmaker Luc Jacquet’s new nature documentary about the continent of Antarctica.

Locarno’s 1980 lineup will include satirical Romania at the International Film Festival from Emerging Film Countries Drama don’t expect too much from the end of the world from Radu Jude ( bad luck banging or crazy porn

), the comedy Yannik (Réalité ), Smoking causes coughing ) and Lake’s basic truth, the latest avant-garde surreal piece by Filipino art star Lav Diaz ( “The Woman Who Left” , ” Devil’s Season” ).

Eight of the 15 films in the sidebar of the Concorso Cineasti del Presente in Locarno, Highlight the first and second films, both by female directors. These include Spanish directors Maria Giselle Royo and Julia de Castro’s erotic comedy On the Go , Eleonor Santagna’s Philosophical French drama Camping du Lac and by American filmmaker Lucy Kerr Family portrait .

Oscar-Nominated British Actor Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal), will be awarded this year Davide Campari with the Locarno Excellence Award. Ahmed will be honored for lifetime achievement on the opening night of the festival on August 2. The festival will also screen Bassam Tariq’s 1980 feature film Mogul Mowgli

, starring and co-produced by Ahmed.

Locarno Artistic Director Giona A. Nazzaro called The Road to Guantanamo Starring

, Four Lions and Rouge One: A Star Wars Story “A talented and versatile talent in today’s film industry. He is a chameleon who can move from blockbusters to directing movies with equal ease on stage or TV, rapping on the mic or stepping in as an executive producer…he is The embodiment of a cinema that is getting better, more accessible, and finally able to listen to new voices. Riz Ahmed represents the future that is finally possible.”

2023 Locarno International Film Festival will be held from August 2nd to 15. The main features of this festival are as follows:

Piazza Grande program

“The Anatomy of a Fall” , Director: Justine Triet Magnetic Continent , Director : Luc Jacquet Formula Guardian, Director: Dragan Bjelogrlić up to Mi, Director: Yann Mounir Demange Meteor , Director: Richard Capala, Gabriel Bienzki Meteor, Directors: Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel

La Bella Estate,Director: Laura Luchetti City of Women (1980), Director: Federico Fellini La Paloma (15) Director: Daniel Schmid The Royal Road , Director: Frederick May Ermud

Smugglers , Director: Liu End of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello , Director: Edoardo Leo Premiere Event , Director: Victoria Musiedlak Shayda,Director: Noora Niasari2020Old Oak ), Director: Ken · Lodge Theater Camp, Directors: Molly Gordon, Nick Lieberman

Concorso Internazionale Program

Animals , Director: Sofia Exarchou home , director: Leonor Telles 2020El Auge del Humano 3,Director:Eduardo· Williams Essence of the Lake, Director: Lav Diaz Permanent Picture , Director: Laura Ferrez Poor Carter , Director: Bob Byington

Manga D’Terra , Director: Basil Da Cunha Critical Section , Director: Ali Ahmedzad 2020 Invisible Battle , Director: Rainer Sarnet Don’t expect too much from the end of the world, Director: Radu JudeNuit Obscure – Au Revoir Ici , N’importe Où, Director: Sylvain George Patagonia , Director: Simone Bozzelli 2023Rossosperanza, Director: Annarita Zambrano Stephen , Director: Marina Voda
Sweet Dreams , Director: Ena Sendijarević The disappearing soldier, Director: Danny RosenbergYannick, Director: Quentin Dupieux

Concorso Cineasti Del Presente Program

Camping du Lac, directed by Eléonore Saintagnan Ein Schöner Ort, Director: Katharina Huber tour , director: Una Gunjakfamily portrait, Director: Lucy Kerr Dreaming and Dying, Director: Nelson YeoLa Morsure, Director: Romain de Saint-BlanqueNegu Hulbilak Director: Colectivo Negu On the go, Directors: Maria Giselle Royo, Julia De Castro Ecstasy , Director: Dominique · Sanma Rivière , Director: Hugues HaricheTodos los Incendios
, Director: Mauricio Calderón Rico Touched, Director: Claudia RollariusUnd dass man ohne Täuschung zu leben vermag, Director: Katharina Lüdin2020 Whispers of Fire and Water , Director: Lubdak ChatterjeeWest Frontier , Director: Luo Yan




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