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Logan Lerman on Hunters' 'Cathartic' Series Finale

[This story includes major spoilers for Hunter Season 2. ]

Logan Lerman from General Jonah Heidelbaum is portrayed as the innocent Hunters – hunter in the first season . In the show’s second and final season, Jonah, now grown up, goes on one last mission to find and bring down Adolf Hitler, who he learns has been hiding in Argentina since World War II and preparing for the Fourth Reich .

In order to overthrow the dictator, Jonah rallies the hunters to complete their life’s mission, hoping to kill him, and then quit hunting with his fiancée Clara (Emily ). Luther). The stakes couldn’t be higher, and when Jonah finally captures Hitler, he decides to take him in and try him in court rather than take his life.

“I thought it would be very interesting to explore the trial in one episode, even having him in court,” Lerman told the Hollywood Reporter. “It was really interesting for me, as an audience member, as an actor, as a person in the room, to watch these scenes in person and feel this almost cathartic feeling, this cathartic release, to even watch the actors portray Victims of the Holocaust, talking about their trauma in front of a fictional older Hitler in court.”

Below, Lerman also discusses Jonah’s transformation over the course of the show, Does he feel like hunters are monsters and the extra pressure the cast and crew feel Final season Yes.

The Season 2 finale made it feel like Jonah wasn’t retiring from the hunt after all. Do you think that’s a safe assumption?

I think it’s a safe assumption, or at least at the end there is dialogue from the audience debating whether he’s really willing to drop everything and move on with his life

Why do you think he would choose to keep fighting?

I think Whether he wants to is still up for debate, and in the end it’s an open question, but I think there’s a part of him that feels like he has to do the job, or no one else will.


Hunters Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum in Hunter Season 2 polite Main Video Hunters

Jonah chose to take Hitler to court rather than kill him as he originally planned. What was it like to show this change of heart for him?

I thought so David Weil and the writers in the writing room made a brilliant decision. I thought it would be very interesting to then have an episode exploring the trial and even having him in court. For me, as a viewer, as an actor, as someone who was in the room watching these scenes in person, felt this almost cathartic feeling – this cathartic release – even watching actors portraying victims of the Holocaust , talking about their trauma, it was really interesting to me in front of a fictional older Hitler in court. It’s really fun. This is an interesting choice for David Weil.

This decision shows Jonah’s transformation over the course of the show. David said you’re one of the best actors he’s ever worked with because you can do that. How did you feel playing Jonah Evolved From Innocence Aged to full-fledged Nazi hunter?

Great. I mean, it’s pretty awesome for me. I mean, it’s a lot of work to talk about in a character. It’s been a huge arc from season one to season two, but I have to say I’m pretty excited for season two of Jonah and exploring this side of his character. His place in the season. It has more depth, complexity and richness to me as an actor.

David also explained that Jonah had to sneak in This dark abyss to get to where he was at the end of the season, accepting what he did. In the finale, he said they weren’t monsters and he seemed calm. How do you think he did it?

This is an interesting question. Again, I think viewers can debate this to some degree – whether the individual is a monster like Jonah. I think there’s a part of him that’s damaged and can’t be repaired somehow. I don’t think I’d call him a monster, but I would say he’s hurt. He goes through things most people shouldn’t go through, and normalizes the violence in a way that’s hard to do… You can never really recover from it, honestly.

Season 2 introduced Jennifer Jason Leigh as Chava, who plays such a prominent role on the show. What do you think was the brief role she played in Jonah’s life?

This is an interesting question. These are sharp questions, emotional character questions. I haven’t been in Jonah’s mind for a long time, but I think she fills the void. She filled his void. First, Jonah, early in the season, is running away from himself, and he’s created this new identity. He’s trying to start a new life, he’s back to his old self and the last mission, the last ride, hopefully he’ll move on, but part of him still misses his past before he was a part of the Hunters. And he doesn’t really have any family, he just has his grandmother, so having another family member would bring him back to his old self or connect to his roots. I think even the brief time they spent together filled the void of not having any real family, being connected to his roots, his ancestors, his family, everyone. I think it means a lot to him.

It could be argued that Clara played a similar role, bringing him back to his old self in a way. What do you think she means to him throughout the show?

She is the future. She is the new life he can live. I mean, in a way, he’s a lot like his old self, but he’s been lying – totally in front of her. So, in a way, he’s created this new version of himself for her that he likes so much, likes him more than his past, but it doesn’t really connect to his old self. I would say his real self is there, but it’s definitely built on a lie and creates a new version of himself that he wants to be. Hunters


Emily Rudd played Clara in Season 2 of The Hunter. Supplied by Prime Video


How have the stakes increased this season?

They are usually higher. I mean, Jonah knew that Hitler really survived and was living in South America, and he had to get his team together to bring him to justice. I don’t think the stakes could be higher for these Nazi hunters.

Why did you think Hunters Need another season to do what it wants?

I always knew this was the show’s plan. I don’t know anything but two seasons. I knew the first season would lead to a plot to find Hitler and take advantage of his survival in WWII. So, for me, it’s always been that way. I’ve never watched the last two seasons, and I’ve always thought it was a great ending for us, and we’ve been talking creatively and agreeing. There’s always a version that expands on this, but this feels like it’s telling the story really well.

This story is as timely as ever. What was it like to take on Hitler amidst all the anti-Semitism happening today?

Those two thoughts or things or considerations were not really on my mind to be honest. I have no idea. While filming season two of Hunters , I wasn’t really thinking about modern day anti-Semitism, and I liked to draw a line, a bigger picture, or a bigger dialogue. I really think, for me, it’s an interesting story with interesting characters, an interesting dilemma. But I really didn’t get overly intellectual to understand what the story was trying to say, or draw the line for the larger conversation. For me, it was a fun, big, explosive action movie in which I was the star [with] a lot of Jewish characters and dealing with historical fiction.

Knowing that this will be your last season, is there any extra pressure to get things right and really make a difference this season?

I do everything like this. You always want to get things done and spend your time on the material. It’s a bit of a different process, making a TV show than what I’m used to making movies. It’s more run-and-gun, and there’s a lot more to come. But put just as much passion into telling the story as best you can and then fully realizing it in the time you have with the script and the material.


Hunters Season 2 First LookHunters From left: Kate Mulvaney, Josh Radnor in Season 2 of The Hunter , Jericha Hinton and Logan Lerman. Amazon Studios 1235297403

You co-produced this season. What was it like to play the leading role in a series?

Oh, I don’t take any responsibility. It’s for me. I did the same job. I wouldn’t really consider myself a producer on this project. I think they want to attribute this to me. It didn’t really change my role in the production. I just focused on Jonah and my scenes, my words, my character choices, and tried to make sure they were logical.

Where do you think Jonah is the Hunter?

I have no idea. Honestly, I let it go. As we wrap up season two, I start my next project. I move on and most of the time don’t look back. That’s about anything I do, really. With any project, once we’re done making it, I usually move on to the next one. But I don’t know. I think there are a lot of things and a lot of directions that David I would definitely love to explore or could explore with that, it could be great and fun and exciting and interesting. But I don’t really answer those questions for myself. I kind of go with the flow, and then I’m curious where it’s going to go. Because it’s the ending, we didn’t explore it, and I really didn’t think about it or have a specific opinion, because I think you can definitely go in a lot of different directions.

Do you still keep in touch with the crew?

I do. We’ve all become really good friends, and [I] really enjoyed working with them both seasons.

Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories?

I have no idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of anything too interesting or exciting, but I really enjoyed working with these actors. They’re both incredibly talented people, but also lovely, funny, funny, and a joy to spend time with. We had a lot of fun making it.

Interview edited for length and clarity .

Hunters Season Two is now streaming on Prime Video.



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