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Logitech's Chorus open-back headphones slide into the Quest 2

Logitech has announced Chorus, a $99 audio accessory designed to enhance the sound quality of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The appeal of the Chorus is that its open-back, over-ear speakers (like the Valve Index) make you feel more real in reality than using over-ear or in-ear headphones you probably already own.

It slides to each side of the VR headset (compatible with a spare strap or Meta’s Elite strap), and the speaker rotates to find the right fit for your ears. Their volume is controlled via the Quest 2’s volume rocker. It’s powered via the Quest 2’s USB-C port, but it supports USB-C passthrough so you can charge the headset or connect other devices to it.

Logitech Chorus Logitech Chorus

These are powered through the Quest 2’s USB-C port, although they offer USB-C passthrough to give you the port back.


) Logitech claims the speakers have custom-tuned drivers designed to deliver “the most important moments and tiniest details in a virtual world.” And thanks to their open-back nature, they don’t get in the way of letting ambient sound into your ears. There are pros and cons to this approach to speaker design. Sometimes they offer a warmer, more realistic sound quality, and an open-back design might be a safer way for you to play VR. I’ve already mentioned the biggest downside: There’s usually very little noise isolation for listeners and those who may be inside the earpiece. So, for those who want privacy in VR, these may not be the best solutions. Logitech isn’t exactly opposed to a lot of competition here. At $99, it’s probably a worthwhile upgrade for those who want more immersion than what the Quest 2’s small (but amazingly capable) ribbon-style integrated speakers can offer. That’s not the only upgrade path available to Quest 2 owners, though. In our YouTube video detailing some of my favorite Quest 2 features, tips, and recommended add-ons, I highlight that you can buy HTC’s Deluxe Audio strap for about the same price, and it comes with great-sounding headphones and a set of strap converters to get something somewhat similar (but less perfect) to what the Chorus claims to offer. It’s not a big deal, but you can also plug any set of wired 3.5mm headphones into the Quest 2.


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