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Logomania gets subtle this fall (yes, really)

When the logomania craze was at its peak at 2016, it felt like everyone was obsessed with using designer brands from start to finish Cover your toes with a name and make sure people know it . Remember Louis Vuitton’s spring 2016 show, when the iconic LV logo pattern used on bags also appeared on fur coats? But this season, the label-loving aesthetic is taking an unexpectedly more cautious direction. Yes, logomania can actually be subtle: Celebrities have been sporting abstract or tiny logos that are barely visible to the eye. The new iteration of the

trend makes sense: while logomania has certainly died since 2016, But it didn’t completely leave the fashion sense. Versace’s Fendi Pre-Fall show, one of them, featured two Italian fashion house logos morphing into one on coats, bags and everything between works. But in general, fashion has been embracing a quieter sensibility, with brands like The Row, Khaite and Bottega Veneta offering minimalist clothing that exudes a hidden elegance. As a result, designer brands are now also taking a more streamlined or abstract approach to their iconic logo pieces.

Zendaya in Valentino

Photo: Getty Images

For example, in Valentino Spring 2023 show, the Italian brand debuted the Toile Iconographe monogram, which featured several “Vs” in clever form; Zendaya wore a coat, skirt and bodysuit at the brand’s show in Paris last month this letter combination. Burberry’s spring collection also featured the brand’s horse logo on sheer socks, adding a subtle touch to the simple look. Dua Lipa recently wore sheer opera gloves from the collection on her Instagram, and you can hardly tell what brand they are.

But it’s not just subtle, all-around prints taking over this season. Miniature logos also appear on the vest, allowing you to squint to see them. Last month, Kylie Jenner wore a Loewe tank top to the Paris runway show, while actress Sheila Atim wore a Prada plaque for the spring show in Milan. Well, the version of logomania is clearly rocking the designer’s work in a more “if you knew you knew” way – despite this Spiritual display is still alive and well.

Below, a more subtle logomania look dominates this season. 2023



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