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Lonely Food Reality Series Gets Season 10


announced Wednesday that the live-action series is based on Kusumi Masako and Taniguchi Jiro ’s () The manga will have a 10 Season 10 will premiere on October 7.

Yutaka Matsushige (live-action, , ) will once again play the role of the protagonist Goro Inado.

The series recently had a six-episode live-action mini-series project called

~Oishii kedo Horo Nigai … Inagashira Gorō no Sainan~ (Soliitary Gourmet ~It’s Tasty But Slightly Bitter… Gorō Inagashira’s Misfortune~) in Paravi and Hikari TV Streaming service in March 2022 and 4 1st of the month.

Both The live-action series and the original manga tell the story of a A lone salesman named Gorō Inagashira travels all over Japan, sampling local delicacies on street corners. The ninth season of the reality show premiered in July 2022.

Kusumi Masayuki and ) Taniguchi Jiro first serialized manga Monthly Panja in Fusosha Magazine (now defunct). Kusumi handled the story and Taniguchi drew the art. Fuso Society published the first volume in 1997 . Kusumi and Fusosha published the second volume of the manga in September 1997 . Taniguchi died in February 1997.

Fanfare and Ponent Mon will publish English comics. The company had said the manga was “most likely” to premiere in the spring 2022, but the series is now listed as a December premiere 2022.

The manga also inspired the web animation that debuted on Production IG” Tate Anime” (Vertical Anime) smartphone app for November 2017.

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