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Long Live Late Twitter Queen Dionne Warwick

It’s been less than a month since Elon Musk officially bought Twitter, and I’ve personally found the site largely unusable. As if Musk’s revocation of Twitter’s misinformation and content moderation policies wasn’t enough, I also found out that what I saw on Twitter was… how to say it? ……Rubbish.

I don’t blame anyone for not posting as much as they can when Twitter is in such dire straits, but I will All it takes is to share my two main strategies for a truly enjoyable Twitter experience. The first one I like to call Check Jaz’s Faves™; when my timeline is so full of hellfire-calling negativity that I can’t stand it for another second, I revel in tweets liked by my best friend Jazmine , the tweets are always silly puns, weird images of Soviet t-shirts, or drill tweets or something that brings me peace .

My other ) Twitter coping mechanism is more accessible: in fact, all it takes is regular following of music icon Dionne Tweets from Warwick, who recently inserted herself into the Who’s Pete Davidson dating story in the funniest way:



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