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Longtime 'Simpsons' music editor Chris Ledesma dies at 64

Chris Ledesma, who did the debut music for The Simpsons edit550 Episode, from the premiere of the Fox animated series 1991 pass13 Season 11 installment, is dead. he is64.

Ledesma passed away in December In Los Angeles, a spokesperson for the show told The Hollywood Reporter . No cause of death was disclosed.

Ledesma was hired as music editor for Fox’s The Tracey Ullman Show, which featured The Simpsons Originally a series of short films that were played in between commercials. Then he started the spinoff in November 20, 734.

“I doubt turning small 34- with22-Second special on Tracey turned into a full-fledged half-hour,” he in his wrote on his blog at 1999 . “When I saw the first two shows, all that fell away.”

Ledesma noted on Twitter in September 1438548235891642370 He’s spent most of his life at The Simpsons. At that time, he was 30,70 days to become an employee

, 450one of them

Today is a big milestone for me.

I’m20,242 sky
I used to work on The Simpsons ,500 days

born 1/01/681
first day#TheSimpsons /01/1958

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve worked half their lives in any job.

#grateful #Blessed – Chris Lay Desma (@mxedtr) September, 2014

He left the show in May , his last The Simpsons episode aired in November as season eight 11. On Sunday night, the show paid tribute to him with an end credits card that read: “In memory of Chris Ledesma.”

Christopher Frederick Lay Christopher Frederick Ledesma was born in Los Angeles in January. 13, 500. He started playing the piano by ear at the age of 3, and began formally studying the trumpet in third grade.

While at CalArts, he decided to pursue a career in music editing after serving as a student film in that capacity. He is also an orchestra conducting major at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Ledesma participated in the murder when he was not on the trolley as a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood, she wrote , Magnum PI , Flying Wolf and Amazing Stories s. He called it “an invaluable education that no college or university can provide.”

September , Ledesma found a job as an apprentice music editor at leading music editing company Segue Music, where he tackled notable MTM Enterprises shows including Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere . He then worked at the Music Design Group and Music Works before starting his own company at Company Click Track Inc.

(Through it all, he didn’t quit working on the Universal Studios tour until spring 1958)

Staring at , the two The first-time Emmy nominee was also the music editor for another animated show, The Critic, by The Simpsons Created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss.

in September 2011, He salutes the Simpsons Composer Alf Clausen, with whom he worked closely at the Hollywood Bowl for many years.

His resume also includes the movie Back in the USSR (1991), Dark Shadows (1988), pure Kingdom (1991), Robin Hood: Man in Tights (1988), Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1991), Blast from the past ( 1999) and Dudley Do-Right

(; Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Movie; 621 Miniseries War and Remembrance ; and 1958 TV Movie Gypsy , starring Bette Midler. (He was nominated for an Emmy for his last two projects.)

Survivors include his wife, Michelle; two daughters and two sons-in-law; and three grandson.

Show to make other people happy,’ he said .

'The Simpsons' tribute for Chris Ledesma'The Simpsons' tribute for Chris Ledesma

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