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Lorena Saravia Mexico Fall 2023

This season Lorena Saravia took a trip down memory lane with her collection an ode to the women in her family. Flipping through old photo albums to see what her grandmother and other women used to wear made her rethink her brand’s sustainable values. Her fall collection, in turn, features a collection of looks that she hopes will remain in customers’ wardrobes.

Fortunately, in the Saravia tradition, style is a way of life. This was on full display in a cropped, tailored off-white smoking jacket, with black lapels worn over a matching tunic and off-white trousers. A pair of leather looks—rose metallic or tanned leather— somehow felt contemporary and retro at the same time, as did her signature bold red boots. A couple of dresses in glossy satin felt more elegant, especially a soft pink paired with a monochromatic flowing cape with a fur collar.

Highlights are obvious: a skisuit-inspired leather jumpsuit her aunt Jackie wore in the 1980 years in Saravia’s grandmother’s signature nail polish color. “It has a soul [and] energy that can be conveyed. It’s a piece that has its own radiance,” said the designer. Black denim pieces, including jumpsuit versions, and cropped biker jackets worn with jeans (including men’s trousers) felt very modern.

Away from trends, Saravia has produced a collection that is functional in more than one sense. Perhaps practicality now extends beyond the actual clothes to the attachment your clothes create. It could be a tailored jacket, a cape or a leather jumpsuit that will last a lifetime in your closet and who knows, it might become a family heirloom one day.



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