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Lorne Michaels credits pandemic to 'SNL' cast of Exodus, teases 50th anniversary plans: 'We'll bring everyone back'

Lorne Michaels Saw the latest Saturday Night Live

Mass departure cast is a byproduct of the pandemic and promises the late Emmy-winning variety show’s Weekend Update section will remain the same mid-term Lead writers Colin Jost and Michael Che take the helm.

Before Season Premiere 40, 1235223811 Eight Actors Has left the series, including comedy heavyweights Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and Eddie Bryant. These departures have raised questions about the upcoming season of the long-running skit show that is celebrating its 50 season.

But recently SNL boss told The New York Times Larger “turnover” did not affect talent numbers, fact On, it’s a result of the pandemic affecting the job opportunities of some veteran actors who would otherwise have left.

“The pandemic has put us in a position where no one can really leave because there are no jobs,” Michaels said. “At the same time, if I don’t add new people every year, then the show is not a show. For us and the audience, there must be new people.”

He went on to explain that the actor’s regular Leaving is part of staying healthy. The talent ecosystem in the show, and the show has something “better” when players are totally focused on it rather than juggling SNL with other items.

“We’ve gotten to a point where there’s a lot of people, but people aren’t getting enough minutes. The way the series has survived is this level of renewal,” he explained . “The price of success is that people start doing other things; their main obligation is to use their talents and continue to push that. When it’s the show that counts, the show has a lot better. There’s a time to say goodbye and there’s a natural time, but natural time has just been disrupted by the pandemic.”

Michaels is positive about the change, noting that the upcoming season will be “a year of reinvention The change is exciting.” Despite all these potential changes, Michaels promises lead writers Jost and Che aren’t going anywhere. Weekend update , currently intact.

“Especially, going into the midterms, I just need that part to be as solid as possible,” he told TIME .

Elsewhere in the interview, SNL helmer refutes persistent rumors about his planned retirement, but does Noting that when the show does reach its 50 anniversary season, he plans to go big.

“50 Day is going to be a big deal. We’re going to remove everyone from all 50 year and the host and all that back. It’s going to be a very emotional and very intense thing,” he promised. “There won’t be so many bonus points, I can tell you so much.”

09 Fourth season. “I don’t like to celebrate,” he said. “Even if it was the 40th [Anniversary Show], in the end, the only way I was going to get through it was because I knew I was doing a show and I was in At some point, the credits will roll and we’ll be off the air.”



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