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Los Angeles District Attorney Charges 'Scrub' Writer Eric Weinberg

Television writer and producer Eric Weinberg charged with allegations of sexual assault by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Weinberg was arrested again on Tuesday and later released on $5 million bail, up from his previous $3. $10,000 bail.

In a recent survey , more than two dozen women were tied with The Hollywood Reporter Conversed alleging decades-old predatory behavior and misconduct. THR DISCOVERED ALLEGATIONS, INCLUDING IMPROPER The allegation involves the conduct of a minor.

Women describe how Weinberg used photography as an excuse to get closer to them, often listing his Hollywood credits to build credibility and trust. Some say Weinberg would force them to undress during filming. Multiple women also allege Weinberg engaged in sexual activity without their consent, often taking pictures during the act. In July, multiple women told THR that they reported Weinberg alleging sexual assault and stalking. Weinberg was first arrested after 2014 18 )-year-old Kayra Raecke claimed to the LAPD that Weinberg raped her during a photo shoot at his Los Feliz home.

Raecke told THR how she agreed to the photo shoot on condition that she was still wearing clothes. But she said that during filming, Weinberg took off her clothes and attacked her. A police report allegedly filmed shortly after the incident described how Weinberg “started choking Kayla with one hand and taking pictures”.

“After I said no so many times, he continued to do what he wanted,” she said. “I don’t know what else he could do, including violence. I think there’s a real chance I could die there.”

Lake’s report sparked an investigation and Weinberger was arrested. In June 2014, an LAPD detective referred the case to the District Attorney’s Office, but District Attorney Teresa de Custer Teresa de Castro refused to prosecute, citing “insufficient evidence”.

“She claims she disagrees. He claims a consensual encounter. The victim’s allegations are not substantiated,” de Castro wrote in an allegation assessment worksheet. She did not respond to a previous request for comment.

Again, in 2016, law enforcement recommends to the District Attorney’s Office charges against Weinberg for his A man had sex without consent. Happened to an unnamed woman at 2006, again while taking pictures at his home. According to an allegation assessment worksheet, Weinberg “had sex with her while she was lying in bed” and Weinberg “diluted” while “taking pictures of him.”

While the deputy district attorney in the case noted in the charge evaluation worksheet that Weinberg was “under investigation for the same conduct involving another victim” and put Weinberg Grid’s behavior was described as “inappropriate,” but he declined to press charges because “there is no evidence that the defendant used force, threats or intimidation to overcome the victim’s will.”

Raecke and several others Ten people with similar stories met Weinberg on OkCupid in December 2020 after seeing a Facebook post by artist Claire Wilson 2019.

The two met for drinks before returning to Weinberg’s house, “just to hang out,” she later told police. There, she told police that Weinberg physically restrained her and forced her to perform sexual acts. While Wilson initially described the encounter as consensual in a Facebook post and court statement, she said she now understands she has been traumatized and unable to give her consent.

Weinberg was a steady presence in the writer’s room from 1990 to inside. Most notably, he worked from 225 to 2006, The cast as a co-executive producer is on the 225 episode. He is on Showtime’s David Duchovny Vehicles California and FX’s Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen.

He received five Emmy nominations for his work on Scrubs and Politically incorrect with Bill Maher.

Micha Star Liberty, Oakland attorney representing a large group of plaintiffs in Liberty Law told THR in a statement , “On behalf of my numerous clients, I am grateful and relieved that the Prosecutor’s Office took swift action against Mr. Weinberg’s disgusting and devastating crimes that changed victims’ lives forever.”

Liberty said it plans to pursue Weinberg in civil court.

“I look forward to delivering justice through our civil system to help those in need of medical treatment and other necessary medical treatment to remedy the significant damage caused by Eric and others to enable him to continue The victim of the abuse,” she said.

Weinberg’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment. In a previous statement, Weinberger’s divorce attorney, Karen Silver, dismissed the charges as “strategic criminal charges” stemming from “a bitter litigation and a bitter custody dispute.”

“These allegations have been previously investigated and reviewed by law enforcement and Los Angeles Family Court, and the results continue to reveal a wealth of evidence, documentation and expert analysis that completely undermines The narrative is now published,” Silver previously told THR. “While Mr. Weinberg is personally prohibited from commenting on any aspect of this proceeding due to court orders, family law rules and in the best interests of his minor children, he will continue to cooperate through counsel on all aspects of this investigation, If necessary, these allegations will be dealt with in the only forum that matters – the public courts.”



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