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Lost '90s American Anime Saint Seiya Pilot Revealed

Lost Media documentary YouTuber Ray Mona shared the full pilot episode American animated adaptation on Tuesday. The proposed cartoon titled Guardians of the Universe , was conceived during and Obsolete s.

This documentary filmmaker obtained footage from the Library of Congress. She has permission from Frank Ward, former President of Bandai America Inc.

to retrieve all related Documents related to the live broadcast in the United States—the action show (commonly known as Saban Moon on the Internet) in After Power Rangers

ProducerHaim Saban). Guardian of the Universe footage is bundled with the


This two-part documentary was originally about Ray Mona’s search for

producer Renaissance Atlantic. After uncovering the Guardians of the Cosmos lens, The documentary filmmaker turns her attention to backgrounding pilot episode . She speculates that StarStorm may contain the Guardians’ Elemental Universe potential hybrid live action/animated shows like Saban Moon . She also teased that the third part of the documentary will focus on her interactions with Frank Ward.

Last August, Ray Mona released the full pilot of Set Saban Moon .

Source: Ray Mona’s YouTubeChannel




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