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Loudin Men's Fall 2023

Halfway through a showroom tour with Hung La, he picks up a pair of jeans from a rack. They’re noticeably oversized, with panels on each side that fold down and snap into place. Once unbuttoned, the denim garment suddenly becomes a giant square; a beefy male model might slip into each leg.

The extreme width of the jeans is the point. As La said, Lu Dan is not ordinary at all. He is confident, defiant, and nonconformist. He embodies underrepresented notions of Asian masculinity. What he wears—whether it’s a “Chicano flannel” overall, or a subtly transformed tarp into a parka—becomes a way to communicate to the world the gritty spirit he wants to project.

Putting his Kwaidan Editions on hold, Ha is now in season four of Lu’u Dan, an exploration of Asian subcultures that blends bespoke tech with street style. While the previous episode brought up various villain archetypes, this one focuses more on the translation of the Bōsōzoku motorcycle gang, specifically the Black Emperor gang, who passed through the ’70s( and were documented in The movie Godspeed You! Black Emperor was filmed by Mitsuo Yanagimachi.

We were just looking for that authenticity,” lives in London said Ha, a first-generation Vietnamese American. While he was talking about the “origins of fluidity” and the fluidity of cultural movements, a model appeared wearing a red and black biker jacket (leather, too soft !) and wide lantern-leg red jersey joggers. While there are overall shapes throughout the collection, it’s clear that the individual pieces can be swapped out and worn in multiple styles. Most of these are elevated and perfect for a sombre everyday vibe. But occasionally there are more pieces; see full-length faux leather tunics precision laser-cut with slit patterns as if it were some kind of samurai ritual.

Ha Happens to be the excellent Zero of the line, which is mostly DTC but also sold by a handful of retailers such as SSENSE and H. Lorenzo. A recent Instagram post shows off four of his looks, including a tailored suit , the jacket is “disrupted” with elastic bands. Up close, the piece reveals quite the workmanship, but he’s still keeping it positioned easily. The big news is that the collection debuted in women’s sizes, an ingenious evolution that, ostensibly Expanding the identity of the brand itself. Also, Lu’u translates into pomegranate and Dan translates into bullet . Combined, they become Grenade or Dangerous . Now, women can dress too very dangerous.



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