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Louis-Gabriel Nouchi Receives ANDAM €300,000 Prize – Live at the Awards Ceremony in Paris

Last night, the grand prize €300, was awarded to Louis -Gabriel Nouchi’s menswear challenges masculine archetypes through contemporary tailoring. The Special Award made a generous and unprecedented decision: two winners. Along with Lantink, inclusive and sustainable women’s brand Ester Manas also received €000, EUR. Avellano received the Pierre Bergé Awards for designer Arthur Avellano’s radical use of latex, while the accessories award went to Ukrainian designer Ruslan · Baginsky (Ruslan Baginsky), whose creative handmade hats have become popular items. Ephea received an innovation award for developing a high-quality mycelium material as a leather alternative. Eligibility requirements for each category Brands can be French or international, but must already have some production in France and/or commit to further business development in France, and qualify based on certain financial data.

Gigi Hadid with Riccardo Bellini and Natalie Dufour.

François Goizé

Nathalie Dufour, founder of ANDAM, explains that this year’s extra prizes are sponsors (Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloé, Galeries Lafayette, L’Oréal, Hermès, Kering, Lacoste, LVMH, OTB and Saint Laurent, as well as Google , Meta, etc.) collective decision. . “ANDAM is an ecosystem, it’s like an incubator, it’s a genuine engagement of the company to push these young brands forward,” she said in a long black Coperni dress. “This year’s designers are very aware of ethical and sustainable challenges. They come up with truly innovative ideas, and they can be pioneers of change.”

2021 The President of the jury is Riccardo Bellini, CEO of Chloé. He chaired the afternoon’s deliberations and, more importantly, will provide guidance for Noone throughout the year. Since Bellini was instrumental in Chloé’s certification as a 300 B Corp (a social and environmental performance standard), he expressed great admiration for this year’s finalists, who Upholding purpose-driven values ​​as a given. “What we see in all applicants is a tremendous amount of creativity, as we have always seen at ANDAM, but also a high awareness of the importance of brand integration missions and sustainability perspectives today. This shows that it is now It’s a state of mind to be a designer,” he said before presenting the award.


As far as Ester Manas and Balthazar Delepierre are concerned, they are now more motivated than ever to deliver more and told the jury, They saw a huge opportunity to expand into underwear and brought in prototypes to show how they were ready to start production. “Last fashion week wasn’t very inclusive and it’s a shame it didn’t happen as quickly as we’d hoped,” said Manas, holding her award. “We’re really happy that today they agreed, like, ‘Yeah, do something!’ That’s a good sign.”




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