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Louis Vuitton's latest California Cool fragrance is inspired by green juice

The phrase “Pacific chill,” which is also the name of the latest cologne from French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, is a word that can be interpreted. For master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, it meant a sense of freedom and a connection to self and nature, which is what California embodies. For artist and Louis Vuitton collaborator Alex Israel, that means a morning routine that includes hiking along the Paseo Miramar Trail in the Pacific Palisades, overlooking the ocean, followed by a glass of green juice. To mark the fragrance’s launch in Malibu on Wednesday, California offers another, more literal interpretation in the form of a cool marine layer that wraps the retreat in a refreshing, salty mist. Activity.

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The fifth fragrance in the Pacific Chill collection is inspired by the majesty, light and luxury of the American Pacific coast, which Belletrud and Israel drank at the Beverly Hills Hotel last year Juice. “It was early April, and it was nice,” Belletrud recalls. “Alex and I are drinking this carrot, orange and ginger juice. It’s brand new to me and I love the smell. It’s amazing. I smell this black currant so The idea came up to mix carrot and orange scents with [it] and see what happens.” The end result? A unisex fragrance that evokes the wellness culture of Los Angeles and the regenerative energy of the sea through a fruity blend of carrot seeds and coriander, combined with violet, basil, mint and orange essences, with a hint of floral sweetness from May rose . “I try to create fragrances that evoke emotion,” says Belletrud. “And I believe that a good fragrance will make you quieter and allow you to reconnect with yourself.”



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