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Love her: Cher, just Cher

It’s never a bad time to admire celebrities who (desperately) seem to have a little fun in their lives. So in our new column , Love That for Her, we’re celebrating the women who are absolutely nailing their lives right now— —May their joy in life inspire us all.

Cher, Cher, Cher. how do i love you Let me do the math. In your first rise to fame as a singer and fashion icon in and ’70 With your flowing waist-length hair and sparkly Bob Mackie gown? Cher Maze. As a stage and screen star who won Best Actress at the Oscars and Cannes? Some serious Cher achievements. As a staunch political voice, she supports causes from fighting the AIDS crisis to LGBTQ+ rights? Cher was concerned. As a later Twitter oracle, does she speak loudly about her professional status, or urge her followers to “sit on their own damn faces?” Chernanigans!

Well, enough of the horrible puns. While everyone knows Cher as a master of reinvention — there’s a famous saying that after a nuclear holocaust, only Cher and the cockroaches survived — she’s been enjoying a fashion renaissance in recent months. (Maybe we should pay more attention when she claims to be a fan of up-and-coming London shoe designer Ancuta Sarca in 2020.)

First, she teamed up with Donatella Versace for a pride event for the Italian brand — possibly the most brutal collaboration in fashion history — to debut a series of inlaid T-shirts and baseball caps in iridescent crystals are in the form of the brand’s famous Medusa logo with (what else?) “Chersace” printed on it. She then took Paris Fashion Week by storm, wrapping up her runway show at Balmain hand in hand with Olivier Rousteing before starring in a campaign for the brand’s Blaze bag earlier this week. She also appeared on the Rick Owens show, rocking one of the biggest trends of the season in a plaid skirt with matching trousers. And, somewhat inexplicably, a fedora hat adorned by Royal Ascot.

Cher and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing on the runway in September. Photo: Getty Images



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