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'Love Island' New Host Maya Jama Talks Grafting, Gossip, and Relationship Goals

As a contestant, who is your favorite islander?

I would be a mix of Maura and Ekinsu. Maura is outspoken, and I’m a bit hot myself, but Ekin-Su is a Leo like me, so I might say, “Let me have some drama because everyone’s so chill.”

What did you type on the paper?

I didn’t type on paper – if you look at my exes, they were completely different. The only similarity is that they are both tall, I think, the only commonality is height. I’m tall, so I like people who are taller than me.

Did you take the first step?

Yes, always, almost.

Really? !

No, not always, but if I like someone, I tell them. I don’t hide my feelings, I make it obvious. I have a stupid quote that I live by: If you love someone, tell them, because hearts often break when they are not spoken. It just removes the junk bits if you like “I Like You”. If they like you too, get moving, if they don’t, don’t waste your time.

How do you play the “talk” stage?

I am Moments. That’s my technique: I put everyone I like in friend circles and act like I’m not interested so I can learn as much as I can about them, their situation, and let their guard down a little. Then they either come out of the friend zone stage because I still like them, or they don’t and you’re just my friend.

Good test.

It can go left – if you take too long they might end up with someone else so you have to have a lot of time it is good.

Do you keep your cards under your chest or open up?

I’m open. I’m a very impulsive person, so I can’t really hide much if I’m feeling something. Unless it is in the circle of friends, I strictly ask myself to only be friends. But once I doubt you, I’m all for it. I thought, “Okay, look, I like you. What are we doing? Would you be my boyfriend?” Let’s move on.

Did you ask them?

I I have never asked anyone else to be my boyfriend but I have made it clear that unless we are exclusive I will not really be in next stage. I’m like: “You need to make it clear what you want or we won’t get any further than this kiss on the cheek.” Marry me or fuck off, basically!



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