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Love life! Nijiyon Anime from Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Project to debut on video on January 6th

The live special of the project features a promotional video for Miyakohito’s short TV anime ‘s four-panel spinoff, Thursday. The video announces that the animated short will premiere on January 6.

anime will be held on Tokyo MX Reflecting and BS Channel at 9 o’clock on January 6th: EST).

The manga already has a “video version” running on YouTube ” .

The first season of the main anime is on Tokyo MX channel and Bandai Channel , Live Online and October Live Streaming Service The second season premiered on April 2. Crunchyroll aired the anime in Japan and later in English

Dub .


Describe Anime : Nijigasaki High School is known for its diverse subjects and the Students are known for their freedom. Yu Takasaki, a second-year student who was attracted by the charm of school idols, knocked on the door of the school idol club with his friend Ayumi Uehara.

Sometimes friends, sometimes rivals, everyone at this club contributes their ideas and drive to this team.


staff at 640 introduces the members of Nijigasaki Gakuen Idol Appreciation Club as

KLab game and part of

School Idol Festival smartphone game “Perfect

Dream Project ” (PDP).

Hajime Yatate


Staff Collectively Sunrise

, again considered an original work. Sakurako Kimino

is also credited again for an original concept, as previously stated

Japanese animation. Tomoyuki Kawamura (, , ) The director of the first season is
. Jin Tanaka (, , ) is in charge of the script of the series. Takumi Yokota (, ) designed the characters.

2020 Source: The project’s twitter account is from Otakomu 1600801557



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