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Love life! Super star! !Season 2 – Episode 10

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Guys, we’re in a bind right now. It’s almost time for the next round of Love Live, Liella! They have more plates than ever. Not only do they have to face Venn “Better Than You” Margaret’s new antagonist, they must now also deal with the impending hypothermia of their smallest and weakest member. The girls have to work hard to finish their new song and unfreeze Natsumi in time for the big show, but time is not on their side.

Although true, this episode was colder than you think Much more, considering that it has big musical showdowns waiting at its end. While there is a thread where the girls put together all the elements for their new show, the episode is mostly full of classics Fuckin’ Around, including brief pairings in the second and first year as they work on various elements of the upcoming show. You’d think things would get more tense with the stakes so high on this, but the episode’s narrative actually does a good job of arguing why it shouldn’t be. It’s going to be Liella!’s big shot, which means it needs to communicate who they are as a group and what their music means to each of them – something that wouldn’t be possible if the girls were stuck on their noses trying to Make whetstones like the perfect song. So why not let them bond and build memories, and generally enjoy being with each other, and let these feelings blend in naturally? As a favorite



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