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Love life! Super star! !Season 2 – Episode 6

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Love Live! Super star! ! (TV 2)?

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Going into this episode, I don’t think there’s a soul watching who didn’t expect Natsumi to join Liella! To the end. She’s in the OP and ED with everyone else, and if you somehow overlooked the promotional material announcing four new members and her ombré hair mug grins at you. But predictable results doesn’t mean getting there isn’t fun, SUPERSTAR! ! The batting average in the recruiting campaign is very good. Overall, Natsumi’s start is a solid episode, but after last week’s excellent setup, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed.

Mainly because this episode lacked most of episode 5 Friction is established. Natsumi is actively causing a split in the hits within the idol club, and it’s only natural that at least some members are suspicious of her. It seemed like an interesting conflict to explore, but it was largely resolved and no one figured out her plans or called her out. Sure, after connecting with Kinako and the rest of the first year, she’d reconsider inciting shit around them with clickbait video thumbnails, which makes emotional sense, but seeing Natsumi’s trickier character traits in Not having any real confrontation on either side before being massaged out was still disappointing. I know it’s to make her character empathize with viewers who already like other characters, but it makes this storyline feel half-baked in the moment, and I always prefer storytelling to keeping a character as marketable as possible.

For that matter, Sumire doesn’t really take that into consideration a bit Frustrating is fully integrated into it. And I’m not just saying this because I love Galaxy Girl and wish she’d get more screen time in addition to playing Tsundere with Keke. There seems to be room for some solid character work with her here! She and Natsumi ended up joining Liella! motives are also very similar as A common level of cynicism in show business. You’ve already drawn some criticism for having two characters with similar backstories (and hair color), so why not lean on it and make this purposeful character parallel? I think you can collaborate a lot, explore their similarities, and show that Sumire spent her first year under her wing. Jin also has a failing past that she finally overcame with the support of her friends, wouldn’t it be nice to see her pass this lesson on to Natsumi?

But hey maybe I’m just a little shy The latest season of Nijigasaki to keep calm. I only criticize this stuff because I really like it And Superstar!!‘s characters are so realistic I can’t help it Spinning alternate thoughts in my brain. Because what we’re doing here is still pretty good. I like that Natsumi’s monetary motive is a desire for some kind of purpose rather than the more typical answer that she comes from a poor background or something. I also love how casual and gradual she is coming out of the shell, once she realizes the same longing for a distant dream in the other first year. You get the sense that, while Kanon’s invitation leaves her cornered, no matter how much she insists on Kinako, she’s seriously on her way to joining.

Speaking of which, Garen’s impromptu speeches and dance classes are a bit pure Schmalz. While I think Sumire would resonate more here, it’s still nice to see how Kanon internalizes support from other girls and helps others overcome repeated failures. For Natsumi, there’s an important lesson here — just because she’s failed before and is convinced she’s incapable of achieving any of her far-flung dreams, doesn’t mean she should give up. Anything worth doing takes hard work and dedication, and having others to help you keep going is as effective as being an unparalleled genius, and it’s all as easy as breathing. Plus, I mean, it ends with the two of them staring at the rolling hills of a psychedelic rainbow, which I think means Canon is now unleashing her school idol demigod powers. Be nice to her.

Then there is Xia Hai’s inaugural music number, is this… interesting? ? Thanks to the production, the song worked for me – great use of digital percussion to keep it alive – but I definitely got yelled at by the choir “FUNKY COCONUTS” and about how all the girls are “juicy” Shocked by the lines “You know what? Maybe it’s just that I’ve been listening to the latest single and am a little disappointed that it wasn’t as hard to hit as “Yuragu wa”. I can’t decide what I think about these outfits either, but I want to welcome the Youtuber idols make sense, everyone looks over-engineered like a real Vtuber. My favorite detail is actually the silly-looking OniNattsu mascot that ends up flying into the distance in a stream of rainbow farts. Go fast, you weird little peanut creature.

Totally come Saying that while I have a problem with the execution, it’s still a valid way to welcome Natsumi in. Now Liella! is fully formed and ready to kick ass-piece, and I’m excited to see where the second half of the season goes. Now that our entire team is assembled, I’m going for some quality Break time – let all our characters old and new come together in a room to see how they clash, then maybe let those who aren’t Kanon or Qianli get some screen time. Score:

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