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Love life! Super star! !Season 2 – Episode 8

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Love Live! Super star! ! (TV 2)?

Community Rating: 4.5

As much as I appreciate getting some much-needed attention Jen, I admit I was disappointed at the end An episode wasn’t primarily dedicated to the more focused type of focus Fuck of. Now that we finally have all nine girls under the same banner, I’ve been waiting to see them all come together and collide with each other to bring out their personalities. We had to wait an extra week due to the broadcast delay, but in “Chance Way,” we finally got some good news.

Of course, there’s a question about Canon and Crew to find out where The Story is in the works for their preview, but I’m here to see the old and new cast finally come together, and they didn’t disappoint. Coco finally finds a fanatical sister who adores Miy, and it’s great to see them work together to make questionable decisions. Meanwhile, Sumire has to take care of Liella!’s resident problem children and prevent Natsumi from setting up OnlyFans for the group behind them. Then you have the absolutely wicked concoction Natsumi mixes Chi’s takoyaki with a smoothie to create something very nauseating, and I’m sure she’s about to start selling it on TikTok and shipping by mail unrefrigerated. There are also a lot of interesting touches throughout, such as the feeling of exhaustion from Chisato, who is completely calm, to Natsumi, the walking corpse after chasing Ganon. It’s so much fun to have them together now.

Those antics were what kept the episode going, Because it’s honestly hard to put into Kanon’s process of finding the right stage. Like Superstar environment design has always been lush, never Not really focused on any particular spot or area around Liella that stood out to me. They could have put their stage in the middle of the school yard because it would have made a big difference, and while the moments of their friends helping with research and student council duties were sweet, they didn’t have enough substance to put this Sets brought to their own. So when Canon ended up picking what the show thought was perfect, it didn’t really register for me. Well done, you chose a different street than last time, for sure. If you really want to impress me, show respect to your seniors and perform without redirecting traffic, coward.

But while the subplot itself is not impressive, But then the music number is nowhere in sight, my favorite Lila! performance in any season. Since then I have been mixing shamisen into modern production Fool, and “Day of Opportunity, Road of Opportunity!” combine it with a killer bass line and make the whole song a jam. It doesn’t hurt that it also has some of the most vivid dance animations of the season, and there are even sequences where the transition between 2D and 3D is so seamless that I had to step through certain shots to figure out when they made the switch. It’s such an impressive story that it enlivens the bland drama and makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Now the question is where do we go from here when we enter the last third of the season. Lila! Once again successfully passed the preliminaries, but now it’s time for the real test, also to the point where they failed last season. Sunny Passion is definitely an issue, but Wien is also waiting, presumably for her time, so she can be in the spotlight again. Of course there is one lingering question, namely Superstar will follow the older sister series, which ends in just two seasons. There are plenty of reasons to think it probably won’t — there’s no graduating band threatening to break up the band, and it’s certainly a shame to only have a full lineup for half a season — but it’s as much up in the air as the outcome of the game itself.




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